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3 3573 00050 0493 

From O 


Bridgewater Raynham Regional Hi 


The beginning of high 
school in the fall of 1 998 
brought about seemingly 
scary changes. As junior 
high students, we all had 
different images of what 
high school would be, Is 
there really a pool on the 
3rd floor? Will the seniors 
really stuff us in those little 
lockers? Once we arrived, 
however, our separate 
views merged into one. 
We stopped looking at B- 
R as being "their" school 
and started seeing at this 
enormous school as ours. 
We could have been very 
pessimistic as we awoke 
before the crack of dawn 
in order to make it to 
school on time, or as we 
sat in the auditorium, 
scared to death by the 
intimidating speeches. 
However, we bravely 
pushed those thoughts 
out of our heads and stuck 
with the classic B-R motto 
of "expect the best." The 
past four years have ex- 
ceeded our expectations. 
Now as our high school 
years come to a close, we 
will look back and always 
remember exactly what B- 
R was like. ..from our view. I 












1. Lynda Shaw and Megan 
Tangaro stop working on the 
yearbook to pose for a picture. 

2. Kara Silva decorates the se- 
nior bulletin board. 

3. Amber Camara makes a pa- 
per crane to remember Sep- 
tember 11th. 

4. Evan Biela, Lauren Mader, 
Jay Emord, Greg Caron, Chris 
Whitfield, Marisa Prisco, and 
Robert Poole enjoy their 

5. Kara Silvia and Meg Jones 
stop on the slope to enjoy the 

6. Before the pep rally, Kristina 
Hanney and Jen Haynes get 

7. Jim Reynolds ponders the 
existence of mankind. 

8. Before the semi-formal Curtis 
Davidson and Joanna Douillette 
smile for the camera. 

9. Peter Moynihan shows Nina 
Martelli an act of chivalry. 

10. Andy Maynard and Nick 
Silvia show off their artistic tal- 

1 1 . Taylor Thompson teaches 
his art class how to counterfeit 

12. Theresa Masselli, Lynn 
Walsh, and Lauren Bechtel bring 
in the new year with style. 

13. Woody Barra spends a free 
period tackling his homework. 

As we embark on our journey into the "real world" we look back on the last twelve school years 
of our lives. From our view of the past years we have grown up together, helped each other, and have 
always been there for one another no matter how hard the obstacles of life have been. Since 
elementary school, our sense of style, music, and choice of television shows have changed. From 
little girls with a million Barbie dolls and all the acessories to match, we have grown into young women 
with huge dreams and aspirations. Little boys have grown from avid fans of Ninja Turtles, Batman, 
and Nintendo to intelligent and hardworking young men. 

From our view we've all grown into mature young adults, but we can fondly look back to those 
younger years, when life was much simpler... 

1. Adam Silva, Mark Battistini, Richie Florence, Andy Merriam, 
Chad Buczek and Gerry Conroy show off 1st grade style. 

2. Nick Palmieri doesn't willingly give his balloons to Jill Asack. 

3. Liz Beshansky, Jen Haynes, Allyson Erbeck, Megan Cayer, 
Ashley Carson, Nicole Pincolini, Katie Sieger, Kate Larson, Sarah 
Diamond, Ana Moniz, and Rebecca Hunt shows off matching tie- 
dye shirts! 

4. Ashleigh Pickett, Kara Silvia, Meg Connerty, Meg Jones, Carrie 
Simmons, Jess Fix, Amanda Thetoniaz, and Staci James spend 
a warm summer day at Riverside. 

5. Girl Scout Troop #1225 gets ready to cut the cake! 

6. Lauren Mader, Cathy Silva, Tom Sheehan, Dan Pickett, Justin 
Hauck, Jen Cote, Kate McKenney, and Ryan Gardiner show off 
their 1st grade project. 

7. Nina Martelli and Keri Dufalt flaunt their cutest smiles. 

8. Kelly Tierney and Crystal Rosenfield prepare each other for a 
dance recital. 

9. Collen Welch and Jessie Fix nervously reassure each other 
that they are ready for kindergarten. 

10. Kristen Andrutis gets ready to sting the "devilish" Billy Mills. 

11. Mrs. Kelleher's 1st grade class at Sullivan Elementary 

1 2. "The Sandlot Crew"(Standing: Shane Sabine, Mark Battistini, 
Gerard Conroy, Andrew Gillis, Richie Florence, Chris Rego, 
Sean Norris; Ground: Steve McGrath, Chad Buczek, Steve 
Protz, Andrew Merriam, Paul Haynes). 

1 3. Mrs. LaFlamme's former second grade class shows off their 
"happy monster!" 






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kS our senior year 
comes to an end, we re- 
member our friends. 
Friends are people who 
carry us through high 
school. Friends are always 
there for us to help us 
through the rough times, 
and also to share the fun 
during the good times. 

helped us meet friends that 
we will have for the rest of 
our lives. From our view, 
the past four years have 
been an amazing journey 
and the best four years of 
our teenage lives. 

Remember when we 
didn't have lunch money? 
Who was there for us? 
remember that rainy day 
when your car broke down 
on the way to school? Who 
was right there by your 
side giving you a hand? 
One of your friendly class- 

Our friends always mo- 
tivate us when they are 
playing the same sports. 
They are always shouting 
the loudest for us to push 
ourselves. We always 
have that one friend that 
we can call anytime when 
we are stuck on our home- 
work. We might get in 
trouble in class for always 
talking to our friends, but 
our teachers understand 
and can relate. 














1. Sean Cronin, Adam 
Stevenson, John Carr, Jon 
Neil, Craig Murray, and Richie 
Florence enjoy watching the 
dancing from the sidelines. 

2. Students in a phys-ed class 
get in touch with nature (Top: 
Kristyn Whittington, Laura 
Ford, Heather Whitty; Bottom: 
Liz Lucchetti, Meaghan 
Connerty, Lauren Maxwell, 
Ashley Slater, Nina Martelli) 

3. Double Matts (Matt Furtado 
and Matt Day) stand on the 
dock by the USS J.F.K. on a 
beautiful day. 

4. Nicole Pincolini, Jen 
Haynes, and Jen lamele pe- 
ruse an old yearbook. 

5. Rob Ferris, Jen Zolga, 
Katelyn Lopresti, Tricia 
Wholley and James Kelleher 
know how to relax! 

6. Best friends, Christine 
Smith and Gail Maloney smile 
for the camera. 

7. Staci James, Jen lamele, 
and Renee Gaudette enjoy 
lounging around. 

8. Jen Zolga, Annie 
Bruckman, Meg Cayer, Liz 
Beshanski, Rachel 
Blanchette, Ana Moniz, Tricia 
Wholley, Sarah Diamond, 
Katelyn Lopresti, and Ally 
Silva show some school spirit! 

9. Amanda Clapp, Lauren 
Mader, Erin Morin, Barrie 
Guarino, Marisa Prisco, Keri 
Pina, and Jen Measer gather 
for a group picture. 

10. Eric Almieda, Dan Pickett, 
Derek Sheehan, Mike Crotty, 
Billy Mills, Kyle Buckley, Tom 
Hennesey, Dan Buckley, and 
Eric Warner show Nick 
Orfanos some support dur- 
ing prom time. 

11. Ashley Benvissete, 
Katherine Hathaway, and 
Abby Rovaldi ride to concerts 
in style! 






As we glimpse back over 
these past years, even the 
insignificant events are 
now considered special 
moment that we will never 
forget. Whether it be an 
everyday lunch period, a 
boring study hall or a fre- 
quent trip to the mall, these 
are all things that were 
once unimportant and 
taken for granted. They 
are now events that we 
will fondly cherish and 
miss. These moments are 
the basis of the friend- 
ships that we have made 
over the years. Once we 
graduate and go our 
seperate ways we will 
miss going crazy looking 
for that perfect dress for 
the semi-formal, bonding 
in the weight room, and all 

1. Best friends, Amanda 
Clapp and Kristen Andrutis 
share a hug at the 2001 Jun 
ior Prom. 

2. Catherine Hathaway, 

I Lauren Bechtel, and Joanna 
Douillette get ready for a 
PCC dance. 
3. Friends wait before the 
semi-formal for their dates 
I to arrive! 
4. Kevin McAuliffe, Matt 
Cahill, and Marc Freitas 
dance up a storm! 

5. A girls' Raynham Com- 
munity Soccer team shows 
off after a big win. 

6. Best friends, Jill Asack, 
Michelle Almada, kate 
Daniels, and Danica 
Copeland walk togther into 






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>., i 


7. Craig Murray and Michelle 
Almada share a special moment at 
the prom. 

8. Best friends Marisa Prisco and 
Mike Macleod Crotty get close at 
the Junior Prom. 

9. Barrie Guarino and Jen Measor 
try to keep warm at the Superbowl 

1 0. "The Little Mermaid" (Jill Asack) 
catches some rays on dry land. 

11. Erin Nelson, Meg Callan, 
Kristina Hanney, Nicole Pincolini 
and Jen lamele lay down for a 

12. Ready for PCC's "50's Dance" 
Shannon Smith, Lauren Bechtel, 
Kacie Lamontagne, Joanna 
Douillette, Andrea Paul, Ashley 
Carson and Katie Sypher huddle 

13. Friends struggle to keep their 
human pyramid pointing toward 
the sky. 

1 4. Laura McElroy , Sophia Barros, 
Kristen McDonough and Sarah 
Chapell jump at the chance for a 
picture during study period. 

15. A group of seniors prove that 
the 80's weren't THAT bad! 





i 14 

le view high school at 
a stressful time in oui 
lives. We have to deal 
with homework, quizzes, 
tests, and long ten 
projects. However, w< 
can't forget the opportu- 
nities these responsibili- 
ties have afforded us. N< 
matter how tough th< 
classes were, we can 
always remember a time 
when we had fun. We 
struggled through Mob) 
Dick with it's impossibl< 
language, and confusing 
nautical terms, not t< 
mention trying to keep 
our heads above water 
in chemistry class. Yet, 
we will never recall some 
memories of high school 
without letting a smirk es- 
cape. Relaxing in study 
periods with our friends 
in the library, and walk- 
ing downtown in betweer 
finals are just a few oi 
the many small, yet quite 
significant parts of high 
school which makes last- 
ing memories. Let us 
view Bridgewater- 
Raynham's academic 
education as a step in 
the right direction. 

■ wi\i.w mi um I .V.KII-.N 


J ~ 

\ -^ 

- « 





1 . Mike Greely works on his 
designs in drafting. 

2. Jennifer Lauper and Kelly 
Vanaken hit the books. 

3. A class lecture intrigues 
Tom Higginbotham. 

4. Jon Carr listens attentively 
in history class. 

5. Brian Praino and Sean 
Casey are about to find out, 
"How high will the bottle 
rocket fly?" 

6. Mr. Kearney shows Kevin 
O'Brien his homeland. 

7. Students listen eagerly as 
they await the next assign- 

8. Zoe Furtado records the 
temperature for her biology 

9. Patrick Herrington gets 
out his homework. 

1 0. Joe Powers ponders the 

11. Carrie Simmons and 
Molly Lawton concentrate on 
their studies. 

12. Tony Murdoch types 

13. Matt Cushing and Paul 
Jenkins are bedazzled by 



12 » 


^^ XZ^ 

I V 

% ~T3 


Sports are a very impor- 
tant part of B-R. They 
have not only provided us 
with records, titles and tro- 
phies, but these sports 
have also taught us im- 
portant lessons in dedica- 
tion, sportsmanship and 
teamwork. Whether we 
view sports by playing on 
the field, cheering on 
teammates from the side- 
lines, or showing support 
from the bleachers, many 
of us show our zealous 
school spirit. As time 
passes we will always re- 
member those times of 
happiness, camaraderie, 
triumph, and hardship 
here at B-R. These expe- 
riences have been im- 
printed into our character, 
where we can take them 
on our journey into life af- 
ter high school. 



< 'W 

' *»1 








1 . Kevin Sullivan shows his oppo- 
nent who's boss. 

2. The agile Rich Florence dashes 
toward the end zone. 

3. Luther Smith explodes past the 

4. Natalie Crimmons swings for the 

5. Ian Delahanty takes a powerful 

6. Laura Ford leaps skillfully into the 

7. Teammates Peter Mason, Tom 
Higginbotham, Matt Lyford, Ryan 
Post, Luther Smith, Will Morey, and 
Richie Florence celebrate after the 
victory against Taunton. 

8. Carrie Simmons and Kristyn 
Whittington keep their heads in the 

9. Anne Bruckman returns with a 
mean backhand. 

10. Radha Sinha pushes ahead of 
the pack. 

1 1 . Golf Captain Rob Ferris squints 
to watch his ball soar into the sky. 

12. Cheerleading Captain Lauren 
Mader heads support for the B-R 

13. Ryan Post quenches his thirst 
during a hot September game. 

14. U.D. Nwosa sets up the shot 
with his eye on the ball. 




*mJ3^t*££&., m^'* 

",- '■:■■ 




School isn't only about 
studying and classes. Stu 
dents and faculty love B- 
so much that they give up a 
extra piece of their lives fo 
extra-curricular activities 
Students balance academ 
ics, jobs and a social lif 
along with their optional hig 
school activities. From th 
FIRST Robotics team, an 
Drama, to the Renaissanc 
program, B-R is a busy plac 
even while classes aren't i 

1 . Laura Ford and Nina Marte 
pose for a picture in the garde 
at Washington D.C. 

2. Jon Neil and Craig Murra 
dance to "Y.M.C.A." at a 16t 
birthday party. 

3. Kate Roza styles Nicole Price' 
hair for a B-R production. 

4. (Back Row: Kate Daniels 
Michelle Almada, Keri Dufaul 
Molly Lawton, Jen Cote 
Laureann Demoura, Rache 
Ladd, Maura Kelley; Front Ro 
Cait White) Friends smile 
gether at the 80's dance. 

5. Senior members of the girl' 
soccer team, Carrie Simmons 
Nina Martelli, Meg Connerty 
Monica Silva. Molly Lawton, Li 
Luchetti and Laura Ford pile u 
for a comfortable photograph. 

6. B-R Ski Club seniors gather i 
a shivering huddle. 

7. Stacy Kenn lets those creative 
juices flow in art class. 

8. Michelle Almada and Dai 
Copeland watch Jon Carr hit the 

9. The Modern World's Affai 
Club pauses for a break at th 

Mr. Jeffrey Sylvia 

Teacher: 1 : one that teaches; especially one whose occupation is to instruct 2: one who 
assists in learning 

At Bridgewater-Raynham, we have countless faculty members who fit this definition, but 
as students, that poorly reflects what we believe a teacher should be. To us, teachers are 
people who offers support, guidance and trust. They also spark a desire inside of us to 
strive to reach greater heights in learning. They mold us to be the true future of America. 
At B-R, we also have many teachers that fit our own definitions of what a teacher should 
be. And while we all may not agree on a concrete defintion, we all agree that we would like 
to dedicate the 2002 Unitas: From Our Viewlo Mr. Jeffrey Sylvia, because to us, the 
graduating class of 2002, Mr. Sylvia embodies everything that we want and need in a 

As the Class Advisor to 2002, Mr. Sylvia has always played a major role in our high school 
careers, whether it be holding class elections, planning for the pep rally, organizing fund 
raisers, coordinating the prom or working extremely hard to provide us with new and 
memorable activities, such as the Senior Lock-In. The amount of time that Mr. Sylvia has 

put into our class is unbelievable. Going even 
further than just helping us on school time, Mr. 
Sylvia has also made many appearances at impor- 
tant events such as the Super Bowl and basketball 

Mr. Sylvia's "assistance in learning" has been known 
to extend outside of the classroom. Mr. Sylvia is the 
type of teacher that we knew we could trust. He was 
often seen helping various students with personal 
problems. He has made our high school years 
memorable and enjoyable as well as insightful and 
important. He will remain forever in our hearts and 
minds as someone that we could trust , laugh with, 
and most importantly, learn from. Thank you, Mr. 
Sylvia, for guiding us these past four years. 

Mr. Emiliano Diaz 

The members of the class of 2002 would also like to 
acknowledge Mr. Diaz. 
We would like to thank 
him for his continued 
support and dedication 
to teaching. We also 
would like to wish him a 
happy and relaxing re- 
tirement. Mr. Diaz has 
been teaching for 31 
years. We would also 
like to wish the following 
teachers a happy retire- 
ment: Ms. Linda Dumas, Mr. Tom Nihan and Mr. 
Tony Roza. 

Mr. John Lennon 

Mr. Lennon has been an important figure to the 

seniors. We would like 
to thank him for all of 
his time and effort. It is 
difficult to find a sport- 
ing event where Mr. 
Lennon is not on the 
sidelines. He has al- 
ways encouraged stu- 
dents to do their best. 
He also introduces his 
students to the world of 
theater and life outside 

sports. He is someone that we will surely never 





Looking back on our years at B-R, we realize that 
teachers play a huge role in our high school careers. We 
have been faced with many different challeneges, and the 
guidance of teachers has helped us through. 2001 brought 
back many veteran faces as well as introduced new ones. 

Teachers have encourages us to pursue our dreams and 
helped us stay on the path to a bright future. Together, we 
view them as positive influences in our lives. 

The skill of speaking a foreign language requires tal- 
ented individuals to teach it. The foreign language teachers 
have left us with this skill that is necessary in our modern 

And who can live without math? Where would we be if we 
knew nothing of our history? It was because our teachers 
that we can graduate ready to handle the world. 

The sciences and theories that govern our world were 
taught to us in our science classes. The skills needed to 
simply write this down would be lost to us if it hadn't been for 
our English teachers. 

Our elective courses taught us about life beyond the core 
subjects. We learned the art of cooking in culinary arts, the 
relationships of people in sociology, and we experienced 
the patience needed for children in Child Study. 

As you can see our teachers have given us a wider view 
of life today and how to make our futures brighter. We will 
view them in a positive light through the course of our lives 
to come. 

1. Mr. Ferris, Mr. Kearney, and Mr. Lindskog, our model 
representatives of the history department. 

2. Ms. Benedict holds up a summer reading poster and 
discusses the assignment. 

3. Ms. Perron and Ms. Brown give late passes to Tyler and 
Derek Sheehan. 

4. Student Rachel Ladd gets computer tips from Ms. Calef . 

5. Ms. Norman helps Kate Daniels with a science paper. 

6. Kevin Paulicelli and Ms. Foster work on vocabulary. 

7. Ms. White and Wendy Warniment work out an English 
problem together. 

8. Mr. Phaneuf creates another work of art. 

9. Ms. Fisher constructs an angle bisector. 

1 0. "Carpe Diem!"; exclaims Ms. Benigni to her Latin class. 

1. Ms. Dooley writes her son J.P yet another late pass. 

2. Ms. Perron concentrates hard while at her computer. 

3. Doing his part to keep B-R a safe school, Mr. Peabod) 
patrols the halls between periods. 

4. Mr. Cox and his students tackle the difficult subject o 
Algebra with enthusiasm. 

5. Mr. Petersen and Mr. Horton get ready to launch home 
made rockets in the parking lot. 

6. On his way to tackle crazy fourth lunch mania, Mr. Randal 
ushes the trash bin. 

Mr. Robert Brogna 
Special Education 

Mr. Donald Burke 


Mr. Alan Peabody 
Assistant Principal 

Mr. Daniel Buron 
Assistant Principal 

Ms. Carol Adams 

Ms. Alice Akins 

Mr. William Barber 
Guidance Counselor 


Ms. Geraldine Benedict 

Ms. Mary Benigni 

Ms. Lucero Berlin 
Foreign Language 

Dr. Linda Brouillette 
Special Education 

Ms. Joanne Brown 

Ms. Shirley Brown 

Ms. Diane Buckley 
L.D. Tutor 

Ms. Marie Burke 
Foreign Language 

Ms. Carol Burton 

Ms. Elizabeth Calef 

Mr. Philip Capen 


1. Mr. Buron and Officer Zanelleto are tempted to give 
parking tickets to junior drivers. 

2. Mr. Burke runs to move his car to make way for the 

3. Mr. Morrison and Mr. Fisher discuss the details of the 
previous night's basketball game. 

4. Ms. Shadley and Mr. Lindskog hug during half-time at the 
Faculty-Student Basketball Game. 

Ms. Melissa Cardone 
Foreign Language 


Dr. David Chuckran 
Science/Tech. Specialist 

Wall <mmm 

Mr. Daniel Cox 

Mr. Gerry Cunniff 

Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Jean Donovan 

Ms. Joan Casabian 
Physical Education 

Ms. Lorraine Castro 
Health Aide 

Ms. Lisa Cedarquist 
L.D. Tutor 

Ms. Yvonne Chadwick 

Ms. Charlotte Cloutier 

Mr. Kenneth Collins 

Mr. Paul Conroy 

Mr. Alan Coughlin 

Mr. William Crane 

Mr. David Creighton 

Ms. Kathleen Cribben 

Mr. Andrew Crisafulli 

Ms. Sharon Davis 

Mr. Emiliano Diaz 
Foreign Language 

Mr. John Dillon 

Ms. Marsha Dinneen 

Ms. Mary Dooley 
Work Study 

Ms. Linda Dumas 

Ms. Carmela Ferioli 

Ms. Evelyn Ferioli 
Reading Lab 




Mr. Lawrence Fisher 

Ms. Suzelle Fisher 

Mr. Paul Folan 

Ms. Marcia Gill-Bass 
Guidance Counselor 

Mr. Richard Gillis 

Mr. Jeffrey Gomes 

'It i 

Mr. Wayne Horton 
Industrial Arts 

Mr. Gary Hyman 

Mr. James Jackson 


Ms. Patricia Foster 
Speech Therapist 

Ms. Cindy Good 
Media Specialist 

Mr. John Jessop 
English MCAS 


Ms. Lorna Kane 
Physical Education 

Ms. Susan Kaszanek 
LD. Tutor 

Mr. John Kearney 
Social Studies 

Ms. Susan Kinney 


1 . Ms. Perron and Ms. O'Neil greet students, Tom Sheehan 
and Elisabeth Gonyea at the semi-formal. 

2. Mr. Crane catches up on his world events and gathers 
more information on the threat of Anthrax, which has 
gained more attention after the tragic events of this year. 

Ms. Laura O'Brien 

Ms. Sheryl O'Donoghue 

Ms. Wendy Oliver 
Foreign Language 

Ms. Helene O'Neil 


Mr. Robert Kostka 
Social Studies 

Mr. Eileen LaFleur 

Mr. John Lennon 

Mr. Jonathan Levesque 

Ms. Michael Lovecchio 
Social Studies 

Ms. Kelly Lumley-Leger 
School Nurse 

Mr. Nora Mantell 

Mr. Linda Martin 
Clerk/lnst. Media Center 

Ms. Diane McGuire 

Mr. Glenn Morrison 
Drafting & Wood 

Mr. Mark Mosher 
Special Education 

Ms. MaryAnn Mozzone 
Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Janice Murphy 
Sp. Ed. Aide 

Ms. Karen Natale 
School Psychologist 

Mr. Barbara Norman 

Mr. Thomas Nyhan 

Mr. Dana Osgood 

Mr. George Pacheco 
Physical Education 

Ms. Maureen Papparazzo 
L.D. Tutor 

Ms. Dolores Paterna 
Social Studies 


Mr. David Patrick 

Ms. Barbara Peddie 

Ms. Dale Perron 

Mr. Robert Peterson 
Special Education 

Ms. Sally Reid 

Ms. Jennifer Rezendes 
Educational Assistant 

Ms. Deborah Robbins 
Business Education 

Mr. Anthony Roza 
Social Studies 

Ms. Linda Shadley 

Ms. Regina Shea 

Ms. Brenda Shepard 

Ms. Janet Smith 
Home Economics 

Mr. Jeffrey Sylvia 

Social Studie 



r . 1 

Ifl * 1 

<~ _> ]. 


''"•-~'^s-^^ - -- - " \ 

"•■--**5»P , ". l iJC ' 

Ms. Judith Sylvia 

Mr. Richard Sypher 
Social Studies 

Ms. Linda Ventura-Clements 

Ms. Lisa White 
Special Education 

Ms. Jane Williams 

Ms. Natalie Winsor 
Special Education 

Ms. Julie-Lynn Wood 

Mr. Steven Sarantopoulos 
Head Guidance Counselor 

Ms. Mary Ellen Sargent 

Mr. Ron Scare-rough 
Social Studies 

Ms. Caroline Settino 


Ms. Joanne Smith 

Ms. Priscilla Smith 

Ms. Tammie Stone 
Special Education 

Ms. Kathleen Swann 

Mr. William Walker 
Athletic Director 

Mr. Richard Warren 
Physical Education 

Ms. Angela Watson 

Ms. Heather Welch 
Special Education 

Officer George Zanellato 
Youth Resource Officer 

1. Ms. Dooley prepares herself for the tip off. 2. Ms. Mantell reviews theme grades. 




The experiences we've had in our four years at 
B-R will never be forgotten. As freshman we were 
introduced to a whole new environment. We met 
new people, friends, and teachers. As sopho- 
mores we formed our close bonds with friends. As 
juniors we worked our hardest and prepared for 
college. And, finally, as seniors we can look back 
at what we've accomplished, and look forward to 
what we will achieve. Each year holds its own 
favorite memory, whether it be dances, football 
games, clubs, or classrooms with our favorite 
teachers. We'll never forget our first days as 
freshman and our last days as seniors. Good uck, 
Class of 2002! 

1. Kristina Hanney, Nicole Pincolini, and Allyson 
Wright model their identical outfits. 

2. Steve Protz is clearly up to no good. 

3. On New Year's Eve, Dan Clark, Nina Martelli, 
Jessie Fix and Sean Jones wait for the countdown. 

4. Marc Freitas waits for his first kiss from Kyle Jose. 

5. Nick Silvia eyes the cameraman with a suspicous 

6. Kara Silvia and Michelle Almada show us that 
dental hygiene is a must. 

7. Ian Curry paints his idea of American freedom as 
Paul Francey. 

8. Katelyn Lopresti and Julie Duhamel patiently 
await arrival at Martha's Vineyard. 

9. Keri Dufault, Laura Miller, Meg Jones, Craig 
Murray, Michelle Almada, Staci James and Meg 
Daily show off their wild school spirit. 

10. In the hall, Lauren Mader and Marisa Prisco 
wonder how they can make the next yearbook 

32 Seniors 

Kristen Andrutis 
47 White Street (R) 

Jillian Asack 


6 Brookside Drive (B) 

FH 1-4; STr 2-4; GT+ GF; 
To my girls, YKWYA TY, for 
the memories; Canadian 
Rebels; S.J., TY, for typing; 
Mol, MBF, ILY; Kad, MBF, 
TY! Mom + Dad, you're the 
best, TY + ILY; Alys, TY for 
your guidance, ILY! 

Samantha Atwood 

67 Elmwood Ave 



Lindsay Ann Ayers 
"Lin, Duck, Elvis" 
577 Oak Street (B) 

GT w/GF, A.C., S.A., D.A., 
R.H., T.R., M.B., E.S., T.S., 
IWNFY; GT in the Path + 
Papa's; Drea, Freaks on a 
rock! Fat Chicks w/ 
glowsticks; IMY, Mama! GL, 
Rachel, And then he gave 
you all the power; TY + ILY, 

Richard Daniel Barra 

500 Forest Street (B) 

GTat BR + Busy Bee, T.H., 
J.D., J.G., + R.G.; FB @ BP 
+ IWNFall that, CM., C.P., 
J.B., + Mr.D; Me + T.H.Maine 
+ Cape; All my times w. T.H. 
+ J.D.; The Day R.G.: JP + 
Field Trip; All my fam. TY; 
R.G., ILY, TY for everything; 
TY. to everyone who didn't 
believe in me. 

Tony Barrett 


1 Janine Circle (B) 

BBL 1-4; GT w/ Bridgewater 
Raynham Varsity Dream 
Team! Doing everthing crazy, 

Ben Bascon 


437 North Street (B) 

FB 1-4; Volvo crew; GT @ 
Luther's; NYE @ Vinny's 1- 
4; GT Chillin w/ my boys, 
YKWYA; Frosh year @ my 
house. Will. O.B., Andy, 
Vinny; Jess, ILY + IWNFY; 
IWNFY Dedee; Iggy Broth- 
ers; TY, Mom, Dad, + the 
rest of the family, ILY; 

Class of 2002 33 

Mark Battistini 

"Batta, J.B." 

347 Main Street (B) 

Wtr1-4:Str1-4;Golf 1-2: GT 
@ JP w/ K.A.: Lazy Hurdlers! 
Campouts w/ Chad, Greg. 
Gerry. Jay. Jon, Eli. + Dan! 
GT @ South Shore Mall; GT 
@ River Rave! TY, Mom + 
Dad, ILY! To MBF, Ally , ILY 
+ IWMY! GL. Chris + Paul; 
GT watching game shows; 4 
cylinder 4x4! 

Lee Anthony Beane, Jr. 

325 Hayward Street (B) 

FB1-4; Wr1-4Capt.;Str1-4; 
Great times bowling + at Bil- 
liards: Cassie, ILY + IWNFY; 
Mom. thanks for all you did; 
Louie, S.C., Bubba, R.M., Matt 
+ Mike. IWMY: B.R.C.: R.J..+ 
anyone I forgot, TY, Good luck 
to all. 

Elizabeth Anne Beshansky 


25 Colby Road (B) 

Running @ CC. I hate this 
part; Ski; SO;Str + Wtr; BB! 
FTA; YB: Friendly's: 3; My 
house, never again: Sum- 
mers @ Dennisport: TY. 
Rob, IWNFY. 10/08/00; FL 
w/ M.C., then A.B.; Not 'till 
Senior year; TY, Mom. Dad 
+ Jeff, ILY. 

Evan Biela 


554 Pleasant Street (B) 

Str 1; Wtr1:MB1-3;Band1- 
4; the boys A.L.. R.C.. G.C.. 
MB., M.M., J.K.. B.B..C.B.. 
B.R., J.W.; fateful night @ 
M.B.'s: DMB 6/01. The Get 
Up Kids 11/01: GT @ South 
shore; Mom, Dad, K, B, J. 
I LY: "Constants aren't so con- 
stant anymore." 

34 Seniors 

Michelle Christen 


"Shelli, Arlene" 

35 Hubbard Lane (B) 

TY. Mom, Dad. Eric, + Em. 
ILY; Old Orchard Beach, 
Maine: Spookyworld. '00: 
Richard's house; TY, Panda. 
M.M..T.S., J.T.. W.P.. A.M.; 
H.K.S.. G.C.: 13: IWNFY. 
Mike; Jenn. MBF. ILY: 
Grampa. IMY; I'm outta here! 

Rachel Blanchette 
1072 High Street (B) 

CC 1-4; NHS; DR 2-4; Ski 2- 
4; GT + GF: IWNF, Alanis 
08/30/99; Rainbow's End; 
Summer 2000; nights @ 
A.B.'s; Prom; River Rave; 
Top Shelf; TY, MBF's; 
IWNFY, Steve 06/09/01 ; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Dave + 
John, Thank you. 

Siobhan Boston 

GL, next year, IWNFY, Gilly, 
M.O., L.M., J.J., J.R., CM., 
G.L., E.G., M.I., B.W., M.S., 
H.B., L.J.; GT w/ Diversity, 
M.O. + J.R.; GT w/ Dr. Ed.; 
ILY, Mom, Dad + Shah. 

Heather Bostrom 

133 First Street (R) 

GT + GF w/ YKWYA; Sum- 
mer 2001 in Cali w/ A.D.; to 
MBF's, Tory Furtado + Kristie 
Berg, ILY; K.T., IWNF Fresh- 
man yr.; GL, to my sister Lisa 
+ G.I.;TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; 
Brian, I love you always and 

Anne Bruckman 


2 Buck Knoll Road (R) 

Soc 1-4; Ten 1-4; Too many 
memories... GT @ River 
Rave, Blink + Hot night; 
BRISC '01; P.S. w/ J. A. J.; 
GT @ M.B. w/ T.W., J. I., + 
J.Z.; Proms; Florida; 10:30 
days w/ M.J. + M.C.; ILY, 
Mom, Dad, + Meggie. 

Kyle Buckley 


105 Spruce Street (B) 

FB 1-3; GT w/ Mark + Matt; 
Cruising in the Birds; Best 
Rides w/ M. M.; Good times 
down the Cape w/ K.N., T.M., 
M.L,M.M., + E.W.;GL,Ryan; 
ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Chad Edward Buczek 
"Conch, Conscience" 
25 Fairway Drive (B) 

Yeah 02! GL to all my friends 
YKWYA! IWNF, fun at Batta's! 
IWNFJP, 9/1 1/01 God Bless, 
+ the great times these past 4 
years! Keeping it real @ the 
gym; TY, all the teachers, 
coaches, counselors, + MBF's 
for all the help! ILY, L.D. 

Class of 2002 35 

Blake Cannon 


836 South Street (B) 

Thanks to everyone who 
cared, Mom, Dad, Amanda, 
and all my friends. It's been 
fun, IWNFY. 

36 Seniors 

Christine Canzano 
15 Yoke Road (B) 

GT W/ Stacey, Amy + Caitlin. 
MBF; Jen + Matt; IWNF S.N. 
w/ Sara + 10/20/99 w/ S.S.; 
ILY J. P. + D.W; TY + ILY, 
Mom, Dad, Mary, Shannon, 
Brandon + Chez. "Every new 
beggining comes from some 
other beginnings end" - 

Paula Carvalho 
125 Winter Street (B) 

2001; River Rave; Summer 
01 @ Lyns's w/ the buds! 
Road trip w/ K.T.; the drive- 
way; Senior Prom; Too many 
crazy times to fit; TY, Mom + 
+ C.C.; Scott, ILY + IWNFY. 

Megan Cayer 


27 Staci Drive (B) 

GTw/GF, Ski;Sleepovers@ 
A.B.'s; Florida W/L.B.; Christ- 
mas; concerts W/ S.D.; River 
Rave; proms; Visiting the 
guys: Evan 5/14; not till Se- 
nior Year! Mom + Dad, TY 

Jeff Chambers 


104 South Street (B) 

Rob, wuddup? we had some 
good breakfasts; D.S., you're 
the bomb; T.T., Steph is no 
worth it; M.C., Hey, man 
C.W., hope you get better 
D.B., too bad we know th( 
same people; to everyone 
missed, ILY, see ya around, 
gotta love the Insh. 

Charleen F. Christofi 

8 Bradford Way (B) 

MB; FTA; YB; Dance; Ski; 

l¥ ^l^ 

Band; NYE; TY, Mom, Dad, 

*2* \ 

Kate + Steve, ILY;GT + GF 


m Vk 

camping; SP, Bermuda + 


MCLA w/ M.B.; TY, Matt for 

'. ^L **~ 

everything, ILY + IWNFY; 

I ^^S^^^^^i^l * 

TY.M.B. + B.B., ILY; Friends, 

TY, for the memories + GL 

Dan Clark 

"Clarky, Dice" 

109 Ruth Ellen Road (R) 

BB 1-4; Ten. 1-4, capt.; 
Lazzy's house; chillen w/ 
Capts. T.S.; S.P., W.M., 
K.O.; GT @ Vinnys; Doming 
it up; R.I. P. Volvo; Chucks; 
RR; Gogglots @ Verackas; 
N.M., MBF, IWNFY; GT in 
the Camry; Woodland- 

Amanda L. Collins 
23 Yoke Road (B) 

Chorus 1-4; SL4; Ride w/ 
+ IWNFY Mr.L; D.A., L.S., 
R.H., L.A., Stay in touch, 
ILY; Mom, Dad, Shar, Nana 
+ Papa, I couldn't do it w/o 
you! ILY, GL, Tim, Ta, Zac! 
IWNFY, Mike, R.I.P; ILY 
J.N.R., H.L..TY. 

Megan Cole 
141 North Main Street (R) 

IWNF, France- L.M., S.S.- 
walk to the tower, C.H.- Lyon; 
A.S.- punkface; fun @ IMC: 
Blink; Mr. Sparkles- A.+ H.RJI 
-Tummy! McD's; IWNF, JP-j 
Limo, M.M.; A.J., N.C., K.S.- 
Eng. Corners; Mes amis- ILY 
+ IWNFY; TY, Mom, Dad + 
family,, love you all. 

38 Seniors 

Meaghan Virginia Connerty 

61 Jennings Drive (R) 

GT@ Luth's;TCw/K.S.;My 
girls, ILY, YKWYA; Jr. Soc 
girls, IWMY; Sylvia, TY; Pam, 
MBF, ILY; Erin, IWMY + GL; 
Andrew, ILY, IWNFY; TY, 
Mom, Dad, Chris, + Er; Good 
luck Class of 2002. 

Nathan Conrad 


300 Forest Street (R) 

VP of the Thursday Club; 
"Life moves pretty fast. If you 
don't stop and look around 
once in a while, you could 
miss it."- Matthew Broderick 
in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." 

Jennifer A. Cote 


49 Lester Road (R) 

FH 1+4; SB 1-4; IWNF 10/ 
02/00 FH girls: Mo + Rachel 
MBF's; GT @ JP '01; 
Canobie Lake; FH Goal- 
keeper; FL w/ FH; Lteam; 1 3 
+ 22, Mo; Gupta ILY! Ba- 
nanas C.W.; GT C.C. Jeep 
Rides; Snakes! R.I. P. K.S.; 
GL, S.P.; ILY, Mom+Dad; GL, 
Dan; TY, Cheryl. 

Sean P. Cronin 
86 Overlook Drive (R) 

BB 1-4; GT@Flo's w/ N.P., 
J.N.,J.C.,A.S., + theFHGirls; 
GT w/ POPO50; GT @ J.C.'s 
house w/ R.F. +N.P; GT w/ 
the priz yea guys!; PO PO 
forever; Laure ILY + TY; Mom 
+ Dad, L, M., + M. ILY + TY; 
GL next year Mike; GL to ev- 

Mike Crotty 


75 Sharon Court (B) 

J. P., C.W., J.G., J.C.; T.T; 
my brother D.S.; T.S., J. P., 
D.B., J.S. MBFs; Niki- 4/5/ 
00, I love you; K.B., WGH; 
GT w/ Maris- IWNFY; Hi, 
C.N.; A.C.;O.Z.;Mom, Dad, 
Ian ILY; Isn't it weird that a 
gift can be an enemy? 

Class of 2002 39 

Louis Allan D'Amarino 

"Big Lou, Lou" 
550 Cross Street (B) 

2-4; Mr. Lennon, TY for all 
the help + support; GT w/ 
N.B., LB., S.C., CD., R.M., 
M.D., CM., B.M., R.J., E.P., 
J.S., + anybody I forgot; TY, 
+ ILY Mom, Dad, + Ben; 
Mandeville, the saga is on. 

Meghan Daily 

"Meg, MD" 

378 Conant Street (B) 

FH 1-4; Ski 1-4; NHS 3-4; 7/ 
Blink, N.F.G.;JP '01 @ A.B.; 
C.C. 01; shoes, blackbag, 
labw/M.C; Duxburyw/K.H. 
+ A.W., IWMY; Boston Bond- 
ing; S.A. sleepovers MBF, 
team; Mom + Dad TY, ILY. 

James Cyr 

308 North Main Street (R) 

Jennifer Daly 


110 Brookside Drive (B) 

2-3; Ski 1,2,4; YB 4; GT @ 
JP; NYE 2001; MV; FH 
sleepover @ J. A.; IWNFY 
girls; Three's company; 
Rebels + Oh Canada! GL, 
M.,C, + N.; Adam, IWNFY; 
TY, Mom + Dad ILY. 

311 Winter Street (B) 

Soc1;FH2-4;STr2-4;GT + 
GF; Chix In Action; NYE 
2002; JP; Nite's @ Dani's; 
J.A.'S; Marshfield; B 
Squared; The Core; Love 
you, gals, YKWYA; TY.Keri! 
TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, 
Meg, Jen, Ker-Fam; Meg 
MBF, Gonna miss you! 

40 Seniors 

Amy Danielczyk 

"Shorty, C.T, Ames" 

85 Baker Road (R) 

R.W. Chillin w/the Miskinis 
crew; OMG! R.C. IWNFY, 
TY; Cheeks ILY, TY, 
IWNFY; Shorty + Cheeks 9/ 
5/01; R. Kelly w/R.C, B.C., 
J. A., + C.H.; Mom + Mike 
TY IWMY; Daddy, ILY, 
m ILY, IWNFB + C. 

Curtis Davidson 

45 Apple Blossom Lane (R) 

Ski 1-4; Sod -2; CFY Crew; 
Shoutout to Motley Crew and 
all my other GF, YKWYA; To 
my love, Joanna, IWNFY; 
GT: 6 Flags.; electronics; ul- 
timate frisbee, JP, Ski; "Is 
that a loaf of bread?" To my 
Mom and Dad, ILY, TY for 
being you! 

Matthew R. Day 


12 White Street (R) 

Drafting 1 -4 w/ Moe; MBF'S 
MRF + SAP you are the 
best! I feel the need for 
speed; Maverick=Matt2; 
MRF TY 4 always being my 
NFO/wingman; SAP TY for 
always making good memo- 
ries; Mom + Dad, TY for 
always being there for me, 
ILY; C-Ya! 

Laureane DeMoura 

52 Alexander Drive (B) 

FH1-4; GT + GF; JP; Ply- 
mouth; Clean up Crew; GT 
after school @ R-F'S; Aero 
@ TC; Cobo? CIA Rebel's; 
MBFM.A., Do we have a test 
today, my twin; J.D., IWNFY; 
Sean, TY, Mom + Dad! So 
long, B-R! 

Sarah Diamond 


87 Eagle Trace (B) 

CC; Ski; Dr; GT + GF @ 
Semi's + JP 5/25/01; 
Dennisport w/ Liz; Top shelf 
w/ R.B.; Concerts w/ Meg: 
Tent parties at K.L.' s; Nites 
@ A. B.'s; more GT @ the 
playground; RR '01; MBF's 
YKWYA, IWNFY; not till se- 
nior year! TY, Mom and Dad, 
GL, Mark + Em. 

Stephen Doherty, Jr. 

197 Park Avenue (B) 

STr 3-4; FB 1 ; MT 3-4; Ski 
1-4; NHS 3-4; Biddy BB 1-4, 
Champs! GT w/ D.O. 
Stonehill + during Ski; IWNF 
Roche; GO SOX! ILY + TY 
Mom + Dad; TY , Dan + Col 
leen, GL. 

Todd Derbyshire 


60 Hubbard Lane (B) 

2-4 Go TJ2; Por Favor 
mentanganse...lWNF the 
football games and dances; 
Remember the frisbee game 
from ten stories up; the 
Veracka Project. Como 
what? IWNF all my friends; 
the best of luck, Moe. 

Lauren Emily 


55 Crapo Street (B) 

Chorus2-4; Erin- "I laughed, 
I cried, it moved me. Bob." 
L.M. - Random. J.W. -we'll 
always have the summers. 
A.J., I couldn't have done it 
w/o you. Mom + Pa, Thank 
You! GL, Tim, I love you all! 

Brian Donovan 


180 Main Street 

Apt. 101 (B) 

To all of the FB team TY , 
we had some good times; To 
all of my my teachers, TY; 
IWM the whole school. ILBR; 

Class of 2002 41 

Kristen Marie Dupre 

80 Orange Street (B) 

TY, Mom, Dad + family for 
your love + always support- 
ing me. TY, teachers, class- 
mates + faculty for a great 
learning experience, IWMY. 
B.F., ILY + IWNFY, TY, for 
being there for me + you will 
always be in my heart; MBF, 
A.F, ILY; GL, class of "2002", 
we did it! 

Jason Emord 


1 1 Bridge Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; GTw/M.B., C.B., 
G.C.; I want to thank my 
parents and Cailin for all 
your help. 

42 Seniors 

Amanda C. Enos 
66 Mill Street (B) 

STr 2; Ski 1-4; My hunny, 
C.W., I Love You; our secret 
beach; Jillian + Lala in dance; 
L.F., Carol + Wayne; GT soph. 
year;MBF,K.K.,J.G., + C.C; 
TY, Mom, ILY; GL Brian + 

Alison Nicole Erbeck 

8 Cedar Crest Drive (B) 

Ski 1 -4; SB 1 -2; BB 1-2; NHS; 
US1; GT+GF; Summer '01; 
Kiss20+22, Blink, BNL; Cape; 
Angel's, IWNFY; Bonding 
nights; 7-4; NYE; PCC; Semi, 
JP; Sky Diving, W.W. Rafting; 
work w. M.J.; MBFs N.P. + 
R.F., IWMY; TY + ILY, Mom, 
Dad, Doug, + Noni. 

Jenelle Esters 

Rob Ferris 


95 Fox Hill Drive (B) 

Golf 1-4; Capt; GT @ OSL 
WAC w/ Sylvia; RS and YB 
M.M.,K.L,L.M.,LD., + C.M. 
God Bless America; Mom 
Dad ILY; GL, Holly + Jamie 
Mark, who's the man? 
Goodbye, y'all, I'll always be 

Jessica Lynn Fix 

"Fixie, Jessie" 
359 Hall Street (R) 

" And here I am finally 
over.. .What awaits hopefully 
happier times and doing 
things I regret not doing 
here."- A friend; Good luck 
everyone; Thanks to all my 
friends and family who 
helped and supported me. 

Richie Florence 
484 Summer Street (B) 

FB 1-4 capt.; BBL 1-4; Wt 
room 1-4; BB 1; WTr 2; Ski 
1-4; MBF J.N.; Mystery 
Alaska; Clean up crew; 
popo50 forever GT; Three's 
company; Friend for life A. E. ; 
GT + GFw/FHCrew;GT 
J.C.'s house; TY to all my 
friends and family, IWMY. 

Laura Ford 

Class of 2002 43 

Rachel Forman 
"Ray-Ray. Rayhel" 
71 Spring Street (B) 

Thanks, friends. ILY. you 
mean the world to me! GT w/ 
Amanda. Jacqui. Lynda. 
Kate. T.S.. K.I.. and Brian. 
ILY all: Adam. ILY 6-4-01: 
Mandi. MBF. ILYA! K.M.. 
bathroom break: Mandi. 2 
pair: You nasty. Jay: GL 2 
Sam. Rina and Justin: Mom 
+ Dad.lLY. Thank you. 

Marc Freitas 


135 Boxwood Lane(B) 

Soc 1-4: GT @ L.S.. B.G.. 
M.V.. D.C.: Swipin' w/ Brad: 
Lyford games 2K. 2K1 : The 
TV show? w/ Brad and Kyle: 
Movies @ J.M. '99: GL to 
Craig. Kev. PM. + All my 
bros YKWYA: GT w/ Gor- 
don: TY. Mom + Dad ILY; 
GL. A. B. + M. 

Amy Freyermuth 

"Ames. Mama" 

364 Vernon Street (B) 

FH 1-4: NHS3-4:GT + GF @ 
BR!: To my girls. YKWYA. 
ILY + IWNFY! Nights @ 
Dani's - J.A.'s! Real World! 
CA Rebels! Lost in Boston! 
JP. GT! TY. guys for the 
memories! IWNF: I LOVE 
YOU. Mom + Dad! GL. John. 
Jim. Alicia. Jeff. + Josh! ILY. 

Erin Gale 


480 Hayward Street (B) 

FH1: MBFs. Lisa. Kristen. 
Val. - Dez: Rhode Island- GT: 
JP w/ S.L.: July 4th - Ply- 
mouth: GT @ Dezi's: NYE '98 
@ Val's: NYE 00 W< S.L.: 
Walking through a blizzard 
IWNFY. ILY: Mom. Dad + K.G. 

44 Seniors 

Matthew Furtado 


268 Forest Street (R) 

Mu 1-4: SO 1-4: MBF Matt. 
Andy. Scott. Rachel. + 
Steph: GT C+C, Shaw's. 
Mobil. + J. Bond: Math, down 
w/ sickness: TY. Mom. Dad. 
Phil. ILY: Intel. Siberia: GO. 

DeAnna Fruzzetti 


800 Auburn Street (B) 

Chorus 1-4: MB 1-2: IWNF 
JPw. CO.. A.Q.. B.S.. LP.. 
S.P.. + K.A.. IWMY: A.Q.: 
A.R.. C.H.. + E.K.. IWNFY: 
5-16-00: I love you .Chris: 
TY. Mom. Dad. + Shana: GL. 
C.F., + all my other young 
friends: Good-Bye. BR: I DID 

Tory Furtado 


13 Pleasant Street (R) 

Sch. Mu. CFY + GD :IWMY 
Mrs.W:Rayn.Y. Soc + Dome: 
J.A..K.B..H.B..K.S.. + J.M., 
GT: TY Dr.P. Mr. F. Ms. M. + 
Ms. W: GL Evo.most impor- 
tantly Z +A: I L Y Mom + Mark. 
Dad. Zoe. Jan. + Amy. 

William Gambill 

Ryan M. Gardiner 

41 Ramblewood Drive (R) 

BBL 1-4; BB 1-2; GT w/ 
Murray + Fatpants; Master of 
the custodial arts; GL, M.C.; 
Chillin' at Wendys; ILY, Mom 
+ Dad; Carl, thanks, bro; Amy 
Joe you're the coolest; 

Lynda Garrity 


847 Orchard Street (R) 

FH1, Dr3+4, FTA 4; IWNF, 
A.H., K.M., T.S., G.T., R.F., 
D.P. + B.K.; To all my friends, 
thanks for always being there! 
Brian, TY for everything, I will 
always be your girl, ILY; Mom 
+ Dad, you both are the wind 
beneath my wings, I LOVE 

Lauren Gavin 
9 Hayward Street (B) 

GL in the future; IWNFY and 
IWMY; Thanks, Mom + Dad. 

Stephanie Goss 
34 Elm Street (B) 

GT + GF; C.H., B.H., K.B., 
C.P., J. P.; Six Flags '01; 
Thank you, Mom, Leo, 
Grampa; GL, To my family + 
friends; ILY, Jeremy.lWNFY; 
Good luck to class of 2002! 
We made it; GL + ILY who 
ever I forgot. 

Renee E. Gaudette 


105 Jackson Drive(R) 

Good times w/A.T.; CC + NY 
w/ S.J.; L.S. 8th grade; Semi 
'99 R.P.; Soph. yr. @ Higgy's; 
CM., S.S., + friends; IWNF 
JP+ Party; Woody, TY+ ILY 
7-9-00; TY, Mom, Dad, + Ja- 
son, ILY. 

Nicole Gourdin 


574 East Elm Street (R) 

MBF, C.R., J.K., TY, Mr. B, 
Mrs. K + Ms. Mozzone, 
IWNFY; ILY, Grandma + 
Grandpa; Howy, IWNFY 
Grandma, Robby, + Scooter. 
TY + ILY; To all my family, 
Mom, ILY + TY for all your 
support; ILY always, Marrisa 
+ Josh. 

Billy Goodell 

"Lil' Guy" 

186 Forest Street (B) 

Soc 1-4; BBL 1-4; BB 1-2: 
what's up, T-squad, P.N., 
J.M., K.M., L.S., + D.C.; 99 
cent menu @ Wendy's; To 
M.C+J.M; Mrs. Holt, yeah. 
all my teachers; Mom. Dad, 
Ryan + Matt, ILY; ILY, Meg + 

Class of 2002 45 

Rachel Gourdin 

"Ritzy, Rach" 

50 Calthrop Drive 


CG 2-3; GT w/ J.S., T.S., 
K.M., + A.Q.; This year has 
been so crazy! IWNF JP, 
Yeah Jen! Cruising w/ the 
Pep Boyz; Kate, Police + 
Playgroungs, gotta respect; 
Mom + Dad, ILY. 

Christopher Grant 


520 Plymouth Street (B) 

MBF, Gulusha, GL, IWNFY; 
Matt, GL; Aaron, GL, with 
Vague; GT + GF at Roche 
Bros.; Rob Prime; Hot pocket; 
my other friends; Everquest; 
Boston; 11/30;94;Thankyou, 

Michelle Grover 
350 Plymouth Street (B) 

IWNF, K.C..D.C, J.R., J.S., 
D.M., P.F., S.P.; Ashtead w/ 
Petty; Leprechauns; NYE '99; 
NYE 00; Jetty; Crazy light 
shows; Boom-Boom; N.H. 
house; IWNF, max on 4/20; 
TY, Ms. Mozzone and Ms. 
Cardone; TY + ILY, family; 
ILY forever, Kenny! GL. 

Patrick Greenhalge 
2105 Pleasant Street (B) 

I - 

Barrie J. Guarino 

435 Pleasant Street (B) 

WTr2-4;STr1-4;GT + GF; 
JP 5/25/01; Jr. lunches; Nik, 
W + G! GL, C.C.; Rob 24 
hours! Chad, cloudy skies; 
H.S. + Sa,copcar;S.C. ILY, 
fat lady forever; Mike, my 
best friend, ILY; IWNF yel- 
low house; GL, B-R; Mom, 
Dad, S.G., I made it! 

46 Seniors 

Arthur Guindiera 

Keith Haggerty 


105 Legge Street (B) 

RS; movies IWNF, Aliens, 
Robocop, Batman, Preda- 
tor, Terminator, Spider-man; 
WWF Monday and Thurs- 
day; MBF, Cook, Swanson, 
Cannon, K. Hill, Pillsbury, 
Martinez, Conrad, Praino; 
"You gonna cry?" 

Amanda Hall 

"Mandi, K.Q." 

15 Beverly Circle (B) 

GT w/ Rachel, Lynda, Kate, 
+ Jac, IWNFY! IWNF #8, 2 
Pair, NSync, Clubbie, Curbs 
+ BK! All my guys, ILY, 
YKWYA! M.K. + C.E., 
IWNFY! GL, Sam, Rina, + 
Figgins! GL, Bennett, IWMY! 
GL, Ash, ILY! TY, Rach, your 
MBF; Mom + Dad, I love you 
so much! 

Catherine Christine Hathaway 

"Kat, Jenny" 
28 Mount Prospect Street (B) 

Mu 1-4; AC 2-3; MB 1,2,4; 
Peer Mediation 1-4; CWC 
w/K.R. + M.K.,3-4;Alanis + 
Tori, 8-31-99; S.H. - Swiss 
Miss! To Rl?! River Rave; 
Circles; France '01 ; Lyon w/ 
M.C.; MBFs, C.S. + K.S., 
ILY! TY, Mom + Jim; GL, 

Jennifer Mork Haynes 

"Jen, Jenna" 
625 North Street (B) 

FH 1-4; BB 1; SB 1; GTw/ 
the girls! ILY + IWNFY! Mo- 
Elite 1 0; "1 7"; bond game w/ 
J. I.; Aloha night!; Italy '01 w/ 
A.W., J.A., M.L.; K.H.-MBF! 
Analogy Time; ILY + TY, 
Mom + Dad!; ILY + GL, Ash 
+ Jill!; GL, Scott + Erica! 

Paul Haynes 
236 North Street (B) 

Hanging out w/ M.L., D.C., 
S.M., + D.M., GT @ D.C.; 
GL, to all my friends; IWNF 
my high school years; ILY, 
Mom and Dad. 

Thomas Higginbotham 

1620 South Street (B) 

FB 1-4; Capt; SB Champs 
'00; WTr 2-4 Capt;Str 2-4 
Capt; MBF's W.B., L.S., + 
M.J.; Woody all the GT; GTw/ 
11, 23, 44, 74, 33, 24, + 10; 
L.S., RR 2K! JP + SP, GT; 
C.H. ILY, 2-14-01; Mom + 
Dad, ILY, TY, for everything. 

Katharine Hill 
"Kathy, Monkees Freak" 
636 North Street (B) 

SO 1-4, Capt 4; AC 2-4; FTA| 
3-4; CWC Forever! Talent: 
Show '01 ; Keep on Daydream 
Believing! JP w/ B.B.; GT +i 
GF @ Roche Bros; MBF's 
D.J., CM., K.R., B.P., S.P., 
J.R., K.Hags; I feel kind oft| 
fresh!; IWNF Coffee w/ K.R. 
+ C.M.;ILY + TY,Mrs.Anania 

48 Seniors 

Dave Holyoke 
90 Laurel Drive (B) 

Hey, Oatz, Mike, Nick, Nelly, 
you're my boys IWNFY; Me, 
Oatz, Mike in the old S-10 
on Locust Street; 2 am 
snack from Chessmans; I 
will never forget them days; 
Kara we had something spe- 
cial 1 0/28/00, IWNFY; Mom, 
Dad, and Mandy, I love you 
guys; Radha, you're theone! 

Christine Hubert 

221 Elm Street (B) 

BB1;SB1+2; VB 2; Ozzfest 
baby! MBF, S.G., J.H., J.B.; 
ILY, forever J. A.!; Remember 
truck @ D.S.'s or driving to 
BK rolling hard;GL,R.H.,S.S., 
+ J.S., you still got two years; 
knew I'd make it + I'm out. 

Jacqui Holyoke 

"Jaquita, JQ" 


Hey, all, we're out; To MBF 
R.F + E.C. ILY; To my GF 
A.H., A.B., K.I., J.J., S.G., 
C.H.,+ B.K.GL;Dad + Tracy 
TY + ILY; To my angel J. C. 
IMY, ILY + RIP; to anyone I 
forgot I'm sorry; Hey, Ray, 
go to Shaniquas salon! 
Whad up, OZ! 

Rebekah Hunt 


May the road rise to meet 
you, May the wind be always 
at your back, The sun shine 
warm upon your face, and 
until we meet again, may 
love find you soft and safe; 
Love to all my friends and 
family; Kuli, I will never for- 
get you. 


Jennifer lamele 
" Jen, IA" 

725 South Main Street (R) 

Soc 1-3; FTA; YB; NHS; GT 
+ GF; IWNFY! Angels; JP 
Brisc 2001; CC01; Blink 
River Rave; P.S. W/ JAJ 
Bonding nites; M.B. w/T.W., 
A.B.,J.Z.;GT@ A.B.'s; NYE 
'01;TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, 
Mike + Kristi. 

Melissa Ignagni 

"Iggy, Mel" 

11 Satucket Trail (B) 

dancing; Fab4, YKWYA; The 
DR; GT w/ GF @ JP; 99 
crew; Harry, ILY;Pal;6flags; 
curbie; Spring break '02; TY 
+ GLtoall, ILY; Mom, Dad + 
fam ,TY, ILY; Seniors '02. 

Kristin Inglis 


180 Main Street (B) 

everyone else, ILY guys! TY 
Mrs. Papparazzo + Mrs. 
Buckley you guys are the 
best! ; Sarah almost done! ILY; 
To my family TY for caring, 
ILY! B.D. your MBF; FB/His- 
tory w/ M.D. 

Andrew Jaffe 
213 Cynthia Drive (R) 

Wr 1-2; STr 1-4; NHS 3-4; 
CHORES 1-4; WTr 3; DE 4; 
"Hey, motley crue, remem- 
ber 10th grade math class?" 
GL, to my sister Jen; M.F., 
It's real cold in Siberia; Hi to 
M.F., E.E., J.D., J.S., CD., 
C.A., L.D., L.M., + AC. 

Class of 2002 -W 

Staci Ann James 


58 Nottingham Drive (R) 

Soc 1-3: SB 1-2: GT + GF 
Riverside: JP: Brisc 4-01 
Nites @ Danica's: MV 
Marshfield: B Squared: Cape 
Cod w/ R.G.: Weekend @ 
J.A.'s:B+J's + RW:TY.Mom. 
Dad. Megan. ILY. 

Ronnie Javete 
50 Crescent Drive (B) 

Matt Johnson 

1765 South Street (B) 

Soc 1 -4: Ten 3 + 4: BRISC w/ 
M.L..LF..N.M.: JPw/ every- 
one: NH w/ T.H. + M.L; Laz- 
es crib: GT w/ T-squad + 
W.B.. B.G.: L.E.S. IWNFY: 
Mom. Dad. Mike. + Katie. TY. 
+ ILY. 

Meghann Jones 

"Meg, M.J." 

88 Theresa Road (R) 

Ten. 1-4: Ski 1-4: NHS: GT 
w/ GF. IWMY: 10:30 days w/ 
A.B.. IWNFY: work w/ Ali: 
Angels. IWNFY: ME + FLw/ 
K.S.: M.B.. IWMY: NYE: 
Summer "01: 7/4/01: semi + 
JP: Girls' nights: Superbowl: 
TY + ILY. Mom. Dad. + Danni: 
GL. Matt. 

Joanne Joseph 

95 Three Rivers Drive (B) 

First and foremost. TY. God.: 
ILY. Mom + Dad TY for the 
support. Fifi, Ludgy. Zi. 
Nessa. Cedric. Wusler. Sue. 
* everyone else (YKWYA): 
ILY all: Rest In Peace. Reggie 
and Vince. ILY both + III see 
you when my time comes. 

Sean P. Jones 


35 Macy Street (R) 

Soc 1 +2: Ski 1 -4: GT w/ M.L. 
@ water country: summers 
down the cape w/ A.T.: 
Wednesday nights w/ Fixie; 
Boston trips: JP @ C.W.'s: 
6th period study w/ J. A.: TY. 
Mom. Dad. Brian. + Mark, ILY. 

Kyle Jose 
68 Baker Road (R) 

Jacqueline Julius 

84 Sully Road (R) 

SB 1 -4. capt.: BB1 : GT w/GF: 
GLtoC.M., M.O.. S.B.J. R 
C.J..J.I..C.M.:Mrs. Inno. ILY 
+ IWNFY you're in my heart 
forever. RIP: To MBF. Mike. 
ILY w/ all my heart! TY + ILY. 
Mom. Dad. Auntie. Tray. Jess. 
Sheba! RIP. Cody. 

50 Seniors 

Natalie Justice 
10 Brown Street (B) 

Maura B. Kelley 


85 Forest Drive (B) 

FH1-4; BB1; FL + IN '01; 
Rach + Cotay MBFS; Jen - 
JP'01! Bananas, C.W.; GTs 
@ C.C.; J. P. IWNFY!; R.L., 
my 2nd sis ILY! TY, Pat, Ry, + 
Sa! TY + ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Jennifer Kennedy 

Erin Kelleher 
You have to put up with with a 
lot of rain to get the rainbow, 
and here we are!; GL every- 
one; To K.N. + L.D. TY; A. C., 
L.M., N.F, IWNFY or any of 
my friends, YKWYA; L.D., 
TY, IWMY + ILY more than 
words can say; GL, hun;E.C., 

Mike Kilfoyle 

126 Worcester Street (B) 

Matthew Krovitz 

Bonnie Kucinski 

600 North Main Street (R) 

I'm out of here! TY, to all my 
family; Howdy to my cowboy. 
IMY + thanks for always be- 
ing there, you are the best! 
Hey to everyone else 
YKWYA; It's been fun but its 
over, so good bye. 

Class of 2002 51 

Katrina LaCasse 

835 Plymouth Street (B) 

I will never forget these four 
years!: ILY. Dave, I couldn't 
have done it without you; GL, 
R.W.; GT w/ MBF, J.C @ 
Mickey D's: TY. Mom. Dad, 
Georgie, Danny + Devon, ILY; 
Hey, Dave, let's go to my 
house and play solitaire: I'm 
finally done! 

Kacie Lamontagne 

"Munchkin, The Mountain" 
557 East Street (B) 

CG 1-3: NHS; MBF. S.S., 
IWNFY- we're the same per- 
son! IWNF, late night drive 
bys; GT @ the cape; Ply- 
mouth w/ A.F.! JP=GT w/ 
GF; FL '99; Coyotes forever; 
Italy '02; ILY, w/ all my cake! 

Steve Landry 
990 South Street (B) 


Rachel Ladd 

30 Plymouth Street (B) 

CIAs- 10/2/00; Canadian 
Rebels; GT w/ my girls- 
. FH '01: JP '01; C.V. # 1! 
MBFs- Cote + Mo, TY, for 
everything + IWNFY! TY, 
Mom + Dad, ILY! GL, Chris] 
+ Sa. 

Jennifer Nicole Larson 
"Jenn, Jennipops" 
20 Hayward Street(B) 

TY, Mom. Dad. John. Dave, 
Matt; Nan. ILY + IMY: Gerry. 
Q.. I'm still on yourside; A.C., 
M.S., M.M., J.S., T.S.. J.T., 
A.M., S.M., ILY + IWNFY: 
Spookyworld, J.H. + M.H.: 
O.O. B; Fritolady: Richard's 
House: 42; A. P.; Later, Later! 

Molly Lawton 


225 Grange Park (B) 

CC 1 : Soc 2-4; Wtr + Str , 
capt.; GT w/ GF, YKWYA. 
Super Crew, IWNFY; Jilly 
.MBF. ILY: Italy: N.M..DDX2 
+ Scot., CA.SP: Sean + Tom 
+ Craig + Marc ,IWMY. 
Lylas.Jess + Ka; GT w/ B.W.; 
TY, Sylvia, Mom, Dad, Pat + 
Tim, ILY. times infinity. 

Kate Larson 

40 Amherst Avenue (B) 

Town SB 1-4; NHS: Math 
Team 1-4 M.S. + C.S. 
Coolest: Teen Cell: IWNF 
Appreciation Days: L.B., 
AP Chem! Thank You, Mom 
+ Dad; Good Luck, Jeanne 
+ Becca: I Love You All! 

52 Seniors 

Elizabeth Lucchetti 

35 Woodland Drive(B) 

Soc1-4;GT + GF;Melloout 
GT @ SC; GT w/ B.O., 
TY Mom + DAD ILY; GT w/ 
J.S. +T.S., IWNFY; TY Kyle, 
ILY6-15;ILYTara + Joe;GL 
Dan, Kim, + Trish. 

Patrick Lee 
31 Sully Road (R) 

MB 1-4; CB 1-4; Mu 1-4; Cho- 
rus 3-4; WE 3-4; CWC 3-4; JB 
3-4; TY, G.H., P.M., Couldn't 
have done it without you; GL, 
A.R..K.D.; all my friends; ILY, 
Mom + Joe; IWMY Drumline 
B.S., G.H., P.M., J.D., E.E., 
J.M., M.M.;GL. 

Katelyn Lopresti 


291 Pleasant Street (R) 

Ski 2-4; RR01; MBF; GT @ 
A.B.'s + J.Z.'s; Plymouth State 
College w/ J.D.; Hot night 5 
concerts; IWNF 9/9/00; S.O.; 
GT @ L.B.'s; summers @ 
W.I.; ILY + TY, Mom, Dad, 
and Chuck; ILY + IWNFY, 

Michael Lipus 


522 South Main Street (R) 

Soc 1; GT @ J.S.'s; getting 
lost on the island; Rumble at 
rompers; Fireworks; Basket- 
ball w/ C.S; TY, Mom, Dad, 
Chris + Erik ILY; GL, All my 
friends; Revenge on C.C.; ILY 
C.K.; Drivers Ed camera; 
Keep the party going! 

Leanne Lortie 


539 King Street (R) 

MB + CB 1-4; WE 3; SL 4; 
Disney 99!; Kentucky 01 ; 9/ 
11/01 God bless; King 
Richards w/ E.K.; Thanks 
Mr.H! Aren't instruments fun? 
My "rock collection"; I do not 
glow in the dark! ILY, Mom + 
Dad; TY, P.M. + V.C.; GL, 

Christine Luz 

Class of 2002 53 

Matt Lyford 
410 Forest Street (R) 

FB, capt. 1-4; BBL 1-3; Mobil 
crew, w/ R.P. + R.M.; To the 
bandits, Tom, Kach, Ian; 
Snake; The TV show? Lyford 
games 2000 + 2001 ; " We risk 
so little and regret so much"- 
I. M.E. 

Ryan Mandeville 


55 Jennifer Circle (B) 

Wr 1 -4; lifting w/ Lennon; sum- 
mers @ Ramco w/ Dad; Wr 
clubs; working @ Bogs w/ 
Holmes; Knee surgery; Nos- 
talgic for Reagan; classic rock 
+ 80's metal; GT + GF M.B., 
I.C., L.D., E.W.; TY, Mom, 
Dad, Coach, + Mr. Lennon; 
GL, Jaime and Kevin. 

Gail A. Maloney 

"Gizail, Gailage" 

370 Plain Street (B) 

Senior Year! Ladies night w/ 
C.S.,M.I.,S.M.,C.N., + K.A.; 
Prom + 3 Semis w/ B.M., 
ILY! high school sweet 
hearts. MBF C.S. and fam- 
ily, I wouldn't be here without 
your help.; Mom + Dad, ILY, 
I finally did it! Lynn + Paul, 
TY, SB '02! 

Lauren Nicole Mader 
105 Hickory Drive (R) 

2-4 CL Capt.; K. A. Road Trip; 
A.C. + A.F., IWMY + GL! 
MBF, En, Ke, + Ris! IWNFY; 
9/28/01; Prov., Mayflower, 
Wed., JP w/ J.N., Silano, 
Semi, N.C. '02, GT; R.L, 
S.C.,M.R.,C.S.,E.W. + B.H., 
ILY, Mom + Dad; GL, Kate + 1 

Christopher Manning 

30 Cobblestone Lane (B) 

Everything has gone by way 
too fast, we have had some 
great times with friends and 
peers. But finally we're 
moving on with our lives. 

Jon Marcotte 


118 Union Street (B) 

Str3-4; NHS 3-4; Camping in 
Batta's backyard w/ Eli, DOC, 
the girls; Dubar still reigns! 
River Rave + Eve6 2001! 
UNH w/ M.B. + My Bro; Dome 
Building; Bengalspride; Mom, 
Dad, + Steve, ILY! 

Amos Mare 

\f^ «K+ 


54 Seniors 

Nina Marie Martelli 
12 Highland Terrace (B) 

DC TRIP and Boston; Mol, 
DDx2; My Girls YKWYA! JR 
Soccer Gals IWNFY! K.D., 
my #1 cuz! IWNF ReRe's! 
Super Crew! Sylvia, TY for 
everything! D.C., MBF, 
IWMY! M.V. , R.M., + M.F., 
IWMY! Ry.yourmyBF, ILY! 
TY Mom, Dad, Grams, 
+Gramps! GL, A.M., + BJ! 

Colleen Martinez 
747 Hill Street (R) 

K.R. + K.H., MBF; IWNF 
Beavis + Butthead; IWNF 
Southpark; Hey, K.R. let's 
go play some tennis; Jack- 
son ILY; Hi, Mom, ILY! T.S., 
R.G., D.H., andG.T.; IWNF 
River Rave 5/26/01; R.G. 
IWNF Eve 6; ILY, Weezer 
and ILY, Greenday! 


W r* 

H ^i 

|\ I 


Theresa Masselli 


534 Vernon Street (B) 

To MBFS, L.W. + L.B., 
IWNFY!; T.M., L.W., + L.B. 
forever! Drive -bys; 3 pt. turns; 
Florida '00 + '02; NYE '01; 
TC, GT w/ Nsync + Nelly; JP, 
GT w/ GF! How are yooou 
doing? I'm stuck! ummm, 
stop! Quack! To all my 
friends, IWMY + TY; Mom + 
Dad + Lisa, ILY. 

Kevin McAuliffe 


98 Ruth Ellen Road (R) 

BB 1-4; Soc 1-4; NHS; T- 
Squad; FT @ Billy's + Luth's; 
Movies '99; Hanging w/ 
friends; Wut up, D? GT@CC; 
GT+GF, M.F., CM., R.G.; 
IWNFY AT., cats + dogs for- 
ever; Camping w/ P.M.; GT+ 
GF M.C. + D.C.; GL, Jen, 
Shaun, Amy; ILY, Mom, Dad, 
+ Josh. 


Peter Mason 


20 Pond Street (B) 

FB 1-4 capt.; GT @ Luther's; 
GT w/ GF you know who you 
are; River Rave '98 + '99; GT 
w/ Laura, ILY; TY, Mom + 
Dad, ILY. 

Matt Martineu 

"The Guy, Eli" 

59 County Road (R) 

GT hanging with the guys; 
GT cruising in the T-birds w/ 
M.L. and K.B.; BR's weaving 
w/ the boys; Breakfast on Fri- 
days; TY, GT w/ R.F., C.A., 
+ the guy; ILY M.J. 

Lauren Maxwell 


322 Locust Street (R) 

CL 1+2; NHS 3+4; GT+GF; 
all our good times; IWNF the 
5 trees; SuperCrew'02; J.M., 
IWNF Soph, year; TY, Mom, 
Dad + Chnssy, ILY; Dan, ILY 
2-24-01 ; "This was a time to 
remember"; Bye, BR! 

Matt McCabe 


98 Lyman Place (B) 

Hoc 1 -3; Jets game w/ Dan + 
Nicole; GT @ JP w/ Matt; 
summer of '00; MBF Matt; 
TY, Mom, Dad, Nicole, and 
Kayla ILY + GL. 

_._ t ^ 

Class of 2002 55 

Kate E. McKenney 

114 Oak Street (R) 

Dr 3+4; IWNFY A.H., L.G.; 
GT + GFw/G.T.,J.S.,T.S., 
R.F.. S.E.; IWNF NSync + 
SuperRoblGL. R.H.,+T.G.; 
R.G., IWNF Peps, police, + 
playgrounds! to MBF 
Meghan. GL + ILY;TY, Mom 
+ Dad: Powers! good night, 
Kevin. ILY + IWNFY! AND 

Jennifer Measor 
"Jen, Meas" 

74 Lakeview Drive (R) 

Don't cry because it's over, 
smile because it was all worth 
while: GT w/ GF: I love you 
guys. GL w/ everything in the 
future: J.I. TY. for always be- 
ing there IWNF Jen. Annie. 
Jen: Point Sebego : BRISC 
"01" soc: JP: YB; Str: Wtr: 
TY. Mom. Dad. + Kristin ILY. 

Andrew Merriam 


646 North Street (B) 

BBL 1-4. Capt.: Soc 2-4, 
Capt.: BB 1-4; NHS: Volvo 
Crew: Vin. Ben. J.B.. Joe.: 
NYE @ Vin's 1-4: GT @ 
Joe's. Luth's. Mike's. CLUB 
HEAT: GT w/ the boys: 
Clarky's: Mom. Dad. Ashley 
ILY + TY: Meaghan. ILY + 
IWNFY: GL. 2002' 

Steve Mikkanen 


179 Main Street (B) 

Var Hoc 1-2 @ C.H.S.;Var 
Golf 1-2 @ C.H.S.: ILY 
Rachel + IWNF The GT 
The Playground w/ you. 6/9/ 
01. : GT w/MBF. YKWYA; 
Summer2001 : IWNFthe JP; 
Gotta Love BR: GT playing 
crazy crazy eights w/ R.B. + 

Laura Miller 
92 Macy Street (R) 

MT. Renaissance. SADD: 
France. London, the hotel: 
NYE 99: Manhunt on Macy 
St.: R + R IMY; TY. Meg. 
MBF; I WMY to all my friends 
@ CSPA: TY. ILY. Mom. 
Dad. Les: TY. GL. to all my 
friends @ BR. IWNFY. 

56 Seniors 



Billy Mills 

"Millz, Mr. Mills" 

191 Cynthia Drive (R) 

Whats up, D.P., E Dubbs, 
N.O., E.A.;GT @ RR + WT, 
Wyomang! N.O., we go so 
fast in the stang.; 4 years 
Wr.; 3 great years + 2 proms 
w/GailM.,ILY, Baby; What's 
up Cheeks? YKWYA; Mom + 
Bill + Dad, ILY + TY; GT 
Sedells w/ N.O. + M.M. 

Rory Modica 


83 Dean Street (B) 

GT @ Luth's; NYE @ Vin's; 
GT + BT @ my house; GT w/ 
Mantycat w/ W.M., S.P., 
B.B., M.K., R.P.; Mobil w/ 
Me, Vin, Wilson, GT; Hal- 
loween '00, Nina, thanks for 
the bruises! R.I. P. Cougar; 
GT @ Chucks; TY, Mom, 
Dad, + Matt. 

Michael Moran 


50 Carver Drive (B) 

US1; GT in FL. + NJ.; Go 
TJ2;NHS.GT + GF@ Blink 
+ NFG 7/28/01; Racing Ice 
w/C.O.; The Chemistry Song 
w/ E.E. + O.Z.; To all my 
friends, YKWYA, IWMY; GL, 
K.I., A.J., M.C., E.E., J.D., 
R.J.; "Well, I guess this is 
growing up." Mom, ILY. 

Erin Elizabeth Morin 

1 15 Stoney Brook Road (R) 

[To MBF, La, Risa, + Ke, so 
Imany GT; IWNF, Wednes- 
days, Mayflower, Lunches + 
|2 words; JP w/ J.B.; La, Risa, 
l+ Ke, 9/28/01; It's been the 
Itime of our lives, too bad it 
lhastoendsosoon. ILYguys! 
IGL, next yr! TY, Mom, Dad, 
JLes, + Ry. 

Lori Elizabeth Moberg 

"Me, Crash" 
350 Plain Street (B) 

Chorus 2-4; L.D.- ABC; A. C. - 
Car;S.H.-US; E.K.-JP;CJ- 

TY; Family- ILY + TY; Alex- 
GL little brother; B.S.-GL; 
G.L.-uhuh; Paul- TY, for al- 
ways being there, ILY! PS- I 
kept the faith; GL, Class of 

Ana Moniz 
168 Main Street (B) 

Will Morey 

Jeff Morin 


50 Woodland Drive 


Hoc 1-2; OSL 1-2; NHS 3-4; 
GT w/ T.S.; GT @ Lazzy's; 
Woodland! NYE @ Billy's; GT 
@ Vinny's; Chuck's; River 
Rave; JP w/ R.P.; Clark's 
house; Wendy's; TY. Mom + 
Dad, ILY, H.L., GL; Ghost 
Rider; Movies '99; Special K. 

Class of 2002 57 

Tom Morrissey 
52 Center Street (R) 

St. Patty's 2001 w/ M.L. + 
R.G.; Mobil; to the bandits 
I.D, K.N. M.L. + R.G.; Boom 
Boom Baby Girl no doubt 



Sherrie Mulholland 

30 Paul-Joseph Lane (B) 

GT @ CAPEw/K.A., M.I., + 
A.C.; the Dr.; GT in NH w/ 
C.N.; Girls Nitew/MBPs; To 
C.S.,C.N., + M.B. ILYGuys; 
GTw/99Crew; Spring Break 
'02; TY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
Clappa, IWMY; Seniors '02. 

Paul Narciso 
88 Michael Road (R) 

Jonathan Neil 


22 Jade Drive (R) 

4; 5-0 Nights w/ the Force; 
Camry Crew 4 Life; GT @ the 
Flo house; My boy Richie, 
GL, kid; Pond Hockey 
League; J. Z.; TY, Mom, Dad, 
Tess + Kels, ILY. 

Corinn Nelson 
130 Conant Street (B) 

+ A.C.; IWNF Girls Nights; 
Skiing in N.H.w/S.M.;M.C, 
IWNFY; TY, Mom, Dad, + 
family for always being there 
for me, ILY; GL, Bella. 

Brendan O'Brien 

120 Lounsbury Drive (R) 

Ping Pong w/ Tom + Jon; GT 
w/S.I.; NJ w/Tom + Jon; TV 
show w/ Marc, Kyle, Matt; Lyf 
Games 2K, '01; Flicks w/ 
M.F.; Talent Show; R.M. + 
K.C.P.; Nights w/ my bud, Liz 
+ K.J.; ILY + TY, Ma, Da, 
Cole, Sean, Mo, all Fam; 
MBF, Kim, ILY. 

58 Seniors 

Kevin O'Brien 

Marisol Ocasio 
54 Carmel Circle (B) 

GL to all my friends, S.B., 
J.R., CM., J.J., J.N., C.J., 
J.J., C.R., L.S.; Special 
Thanks to Gilly! CM., L.S. 
J.J., CM., L.S., JR. Finals! 
S.B..J.R., Drs.Ed! To all my 
family, ILY! IWNFY All! 

Elisa Orellana 
1075 Summer Street (B) 

To MBFS, B.W., IWNF, the 
summer days; N.J., IWNF, 
the night of the pros + 
Kickboxing: M.T. + J.E., al- 
ways remember those GT 
in Somerset + the summer 
days + nights; L.S. + A.P, 
remember all the GT; ILY all 
+ IWNFY; TY, Mom + Sam, 
ILY; Later, BR, TY. 

Nick Orfanos 

50 Quequechan Circle (R) 

Soc 1 , Wtr 2, Weight lifting 1 - 
4; Wyoming to E.A., B.M., 
Guy, E.W.,D.H.,K.B.,G.C + 
YKWYA; GT in Vicky + the 
Stang;CS.!JP"Sugar" Strip; 
Mom, Dad, Sweet Lou, TY; 
The best way to make a 
dream come true is to wake 
up; 9/11/01, IWNF. 

Chris Ortiz 

1218 Pleasant Street (B) 

US1- 4 Years; B.P., J.C., 
M.M., J.W., and everyone 
else, have fun in college; My 
soon to be best friend: my 
Honda! J.W, get a new truck; 
thats all; Remember Imports 
all the way 

Nick Palmieri 
36 Dartmouth Road (B) 

Wr 1-2; Ski 1-4, Audi R.I. P.; 
PoPo50 forever, J.C., R.F., 
S.C, J.N.; Jenni, thanks for 
being MBF; GT @ J.C.'s 
house; Why did you back 
into me guy? Yeah big ones 
please; Mom, Dad, Chris, 
| Tom, + Bri, TY; Thanks to all, 
Good luck to all my friends! 

C.J. Pennington 

24 East Street (B) 

Light guy for musicals: Sound 
of Music, Crazy for You, Guy 
and Dolls, Grease; Capt. Hoc; 
Bek, Ba, Jo, Honk, Jes; GT + 
GF; DMB #1; Hey beautiful 
Eat, drink, and be merry! 

Class of 2002 59 

Danielle Marie Pereira 

59 Sandy Hill Road (R) 

Mom and Dad thanks for be- 
ing there, ILY;MBFSonj,GT, 
we've been through so much, 
ILY; IWNFS.H., CM., G.T., 
K.M.; Larry, me and you 
4-29-01 , Baby I'll always love 
you forever, I "Promise". 

Amanda Perry 


125 Redwing Drive (B) 

To many crazy times to fit; 
NYE 2001 ; Aerosmith w/ E.G. 
+ J.C.; Saturday nights, 
YKWYA; IWNF the fun times 
I've had w/ everyone, 
YKWYA; GL,J.C.,C.C., E.G., 
R.P. + S.G., I love you guys; 
Mom + Dad, TY, ILY; Blake 

Dan Pickett 


144 Cynthia Drive (R) 

Scott Pillsbury 


70 Gem Circle (R) 

GL, everyone + take it easy; 
Keep the car on the road + 
trucks + jeeps off; 4 cyl. 4x4; 
Matt + 120 volts + riding @ 
pwr. lines; summers @ the 
Cape; Hanging w/ Mattx2, 
A.C., B.P., L.D., M.B., S.C., 
K.H., C.A., M.A., D.A.,TY. 

Nicole Pincolini 
433 High Street (B) 

GT + GF; SA's, ILY guys; 
summer'01;CapeCod; NYE 
'01 ; JP @ A.B.'s; semi's; July 
4th; Blink, Kiss 20 + 22; bond- 
ing nights; PCC; Ali, MBF, 
IWMY; Mom + Dad, TY, ILY; 
GL, Lauren + Jackie. 

^ N 

Eric Pittard 


220 Bedford Street (B) 

Toall my people IWNFY, L.D., 
S.H., A.C., J.T., K.M., C.H., 
A.F., K.D., E.M., K.F., J.D., 
D.O., M.M., S.M., K.H., J.H.; 
IWNF, the summer of 2001! 
One love; Stay cool! 

Ryan Post 

60 Seniors 

Brian Praino 
1064 High Street (B) 

Rock on! SO, headbanging 
fun forever2-4; US1 , 1 ; Str2; 
K.H., A.B., L.G., S.H., AT., 
L.L., A.R., K.T., T.S., B.S., 
LB., IWNFY; JP w/ L.C., + 
T.M.; S.P., cool car; A.C., 
cool do; K.H., keep the ball 
bouncing; to MBF, I leave a 
bar of 1/2 eaten chocolate. 

Wendy Lorraine Proctor 
22 Bally Drive (R) 

ILY, Mom, Thank you for 
everything! GL Chris, ILY. 
D.P.;GLS.A., D.A., R.H., + 
CM.; TY, L.G. for always 
being there for me, ILY! 
BRIAN, I don't know what I 
would do w/o you, ILY w/ all 
my heart. 12/27/99. 

Nicole Price 

2055 Pleasant Street (B) 

Too many to thank, just know 
ILY always; Love ya, Mom; 
TY, Erik + Jay; GL to all that 
' follow; IWNF the GT + GF! 
"Be who you are and say 
what you feel, because those 
who mind don't matter and 
those that matter, don't mind." 
m Dr. Seuss. 

Marisa Leigh Prisco 

"Maris, Ris" 
30 Harriet Drive (B) 

IWNFY; Wed @ Mayflower, 
Summer '01; Girls Nite; JP; 
Silano; N.C. '02; Fun w/ Mike 
IWNFY; GT w/Tyler + Jake; 
Girls 9/28/01; So many 
memories IWNF TY, BR. 
Mom + Dad, ILY; GL, An- 
gela, Julia + Sandra ILY! 

Stephen Protz 


35 College Road (B) 

OSL 1-4; BBL 1-2; Obz + 
Nakz + Clarky; Volvo; Terra; 
GT @ Luth's; Club Heat; 
NYE; Eirrac; GT @ MV; GT 
Chucks; Biddy Ball; 
Kennys House; Lyford 
Games; NYE; MBF Joe; The 
Powers Family TY for Every- 
thing; Mom + Dad + Ryan + 
Nicole, ILY All! 

Alicia Quinn 
- (B) 

TY, to all my BF's + my family 
especially my sister Shannon; 
To my friend R.G., you made 
my school years fun; to Mrs. 
C + Mrs. B., TY; GL to every- 

Eric Reese 

Class of 2002 61 

Julie Riechart 
10 College Road (B) 

all of you! TY to my family, 
Mom and Dad: RIP 9/11/01; 
.much love, we're out of here, 
neverforgetya'll;TYMrs. Gllly 
for everything: we will survive; 
love ya'all. Holla!! 

Crystal Rosenfield 

1175 Vernon Street (B) 

J.L. D.R., J.M.. D.M.. R.C., 
J.B.. J.M., E.W.. DR.. S.H.: 

ICFY. C.K.: IWNFY. M.B.. + 
+ DR.: U.J. w/D.R.: '98 w/ 
L.S.: 4th @ Crokes: the whole 

62 Seniors 

Kathleen J. Roza 

"Kate, Kujo" 

209 South Drive (B) 

IWNF coffee W/K.H. + CM. 
To all my friends, IWMY! 
Bandits + ENG! Caffeine + 
inside jokes; CWC ROCKS! 
Ca- chunk; Festivus; A.S. 
IMY; We have the power su- 
preme; Who's my cream 
puff? We could go horse- 
back riding. 

Michael Sawler 
345 Center Street (B) 


Brian Sawyer 
85 Driftwood Drive (B) 

Andrea is the coolest kid ever; 
"Who took my goats?" TY, 
Dave 6588FX; BBL 1 -4; FCA 
stuff studys in 142 + IMC; 
"Cheese is good!" The silver 
bullet; "enjoy your lunch"; And 
finally, one more random 
quote, " The joy of waffles." 
GL, BS. 

Heather Shapleigh 

"Heath, Heatha" 

46 Fiske Drive (B) 

First, I want tosay sorry to 
Abby for everything; to all my 
friends, YKWYA, ILY; Bacop 
car; Set Crew! Dawn, Nikki, 
and Heather nights; Mari, GL 
+ be good; Pat, TY, I love 
you; Katie, IWNFY; it's all 
over, later all, I'm out of here! 

Jennifer Sharland 

76 Center Street (R) 

ToMBFs, R. G..T.S., KM., 
C.S., J.J., + everyone else. 
YKWYA; T. S. and D. H.,the 
"napkin!" IWNF JP, R. G. our 
unforgetable times; can't be- 
lieve we made it: Summer 
'01 w/ all my girls; R. G.. 
beach days; TY, Dad, ILY; 
GL, '02! 

Dennis Sharpe 
15 Harriet Drive (B) 

| GT + GF: C.W., K.K., C.C., 

R.G., A.E..X.B., thanks for 
I everything; Mom + Dad, ILY; 
all my friends; IWNFY L.D.; 
| thanks to all the teachers; 
IWNF when K.K got stuck in 
the snow; IWNF when we 
go rollerskating. 

Lynda Jean Shaw 
"Princess, Ditzy" 

89 Village Gate Drive (B) 

E.O., B.W., ILY guys! GL, 
A.G.; L.S., IWNFY; GT @ 
Emma's! Where's the big dig? 
9/11/01 united we stand; 
Mom, this was for you 1/21/ 
01, ILY always; Dad + Liz ,TY 
+ ILY; Steve, TY for every- 
thing; K, M, P.J, C, T, ILY; 
Nick, IWNFY; Later, BR! 

Class of 2002 63 

Matthew Shaw 
65 Brookside Drive (B) 

MB + CB 1 -4; MT 2-4; Pit 1 -4; 
'99 + '01 ; MT bus rides w/ K.L. 
+ C.S.; fearless drum major; 
leadership weekend '01 +'02; 
nail polish + pixie sticks; ILY, 
Mom + Dad; GL, Chris. 

Justin K. Sherwood 

635 North Street (B) 

Golf team 1-3; Hanging ouli 
with Paul, Mark, Steve; hav-j 
ing fun with the Camaro; TY.j 
Mom + Dad; GT, playingj 
paintball; GL, Mark, Paul.i 
Steve, Pat. 

Joshua Shoemaker 
109 Francine Road (R) 

GT + GF w/ Pleasantfield 
posse + the northside; GT + 
GF w/ D.C. clown car; GT @ 
RR; JP;GL, to GF's futures; 
Remember Mortal Kombat; 
Remember dance freshman 
year w/ S.G., L.L., D.C., + 
J.H.; Best wishes to family + 
to the class of 2002; R.I.P 9/ 


Cathy M. Silva 
124 Titicut Road (R) 

CC 1-4capt.,4; Wtr1-4; Str 
1-4;MT2-4;NHS;IWNF, ice 
cream runs + pasta w/ CC 
gals; K.F., 1 is like none; K.L., 
J.D., bus buddies; M.S., K.L., 
cool MT; LB., L.W., K.L, sock 
puppets; ILY + TY, Mom, Dad 
Jen, Cheryl! GL, David! 

Allyson Silva 

"Ally, Als" 

35 Fairway Drive (B) 

CC; Ski; My baby, T.B. I love 
you forever, 10/15/00, MBF; 
Night in Rayn w/ Jen + Liz; 
Proms; Tent parties @ K.L.'s; 
Aruba; w/GF: sleepovers, 
Christmas, girl's nights, GT, 
MBF, IWNFY; TY, Mom, Dad, 
A, + S, ILY; not till senior year! 

Jon Silva 

"Silva, Mr. Snugglebunny" 
311 Forest Street (R) 

"Now a new look in my eyes 
my spirit rise forget the past 
present tense works and 
lasts, a new level of confi- 
dence and power"- Pantera; 
T.S., B.O., New Jersey; 
Diversus we rule bringing on 
a new end J.S., T.S., J.B.; 
thanks everybody, fam, J.F. 
and J.D. 

Kara Silvia 


40 Diniz Drive (R) 

Ten. 1-4; Ski 1-4; GT w/ 
MBF's; The palace 2000; Riv- 
erside; JP; Nights @ 
Danica's; weekend @ J.A.'s; 
B.S.B. w/ M.A.; Naples; ski- 
ing w/ the girls; TC w/ M.C.; 
my girls ILY; GL, Krissy, ILY. 
TY, Mom + Dad, ILY! 

64 Seniors 

Chad M. Simmons 

2 South Street West (R) 

BB 1 -4; Soc 1 ; good times 
JP w/ pour some sugar on 
me; T.C., best friends for life; 
, family, ILY; TY, K.P., 
ILY, TY, IWNFY, you're my 
urr girl; High Street! wok? 
une 16th? best friends are 
roven when times get hard; 

Nicholas Adam Silvia 
317 Center Street (B) 

Team manager FB 2-4; Wr 2; 
BB3-4;BBL2-4;IWNFGT + 
GF @ BR! Thanks, Mom, 
Grandma + Papa, ILY! 

Christine K. Smith 

"Chris, Chrisy" 
43 Bayberry Road (R) 

GT w/ my girls G.M., M.I., 
S.M., C.N., K.A.; Ladies 
night; JP w/ T.H.; IWNF, 
Dancin; 6 flags; GT, semis 
'98-'01; Great Laughs w/ 
MBF, G.M.; "Make the best 
of each moment, the future 
is soon the past."MBFs 
IWMY; 8/9/01 , ILY, Tom; TY, 
Mom + Dad. 


^F M0r 


r ^ 


Luther Smith 

"Lazzy Kat, Luth" 

1 Buck Knoll Road (R) 

FB1-4; Wtr1-4capt.;Str2-4 
capt.; GT @ Lazzy'scrib; GT 
w/Terra squad + volvo; GT w/ 
Biddy League; R.G., TY; 8th 
grade GT @ Lyford games; 
C.R. f rosh year; GT w/ MBF's 
T.H., P.N., B.G., M.J., W.M. 
TY; Mom, ILY; Dad, IWNFY + 
ILY, R.I. P. 


Shannon Smith 
314 Auburn Street (B) 

CG 1 -4; GT in Florida, France, 
-t- Italy: IWNF, PC. C,JP, con- 
certs, nights out w/ the girls, 
Providence + the Cape, Pigs, 
Coyotes, + Subway; To MBF, 
IWMY, GL; ILY, Mom, Dad, + 
Ryan; TY for everything. 

Tanya Smith 

"T-Dawg, Tido" 

|63 Center Street (R) 

ST @ AC 4 years; TY + ILY, 

/lorn, Dad, Brit, + Family; 


.H., S.W., CM., G.T., L.G., 

.H., R.F., A.Q., IWNF, the 
5T; remember JP, GT@ my 
[louse + Cruising in the van; 
5L, to everyone I did not 
nention, IWNFY. 

Aaron Souto 
24 Leonard Street (B) 

Class of 2002 65 

66 Seniors 

Katelyn Marie Sypher 

"Katie, Noodle" 

94 Sully Road (R) 

Mu 2-4; Chorus 1 -4, lib + pres; 
IWNF PCC '98 + '99; K.L. + 
L.B. - bulgy man! S.S., T.M., 
L.B. -haven't found it yet, not 
looking!, what are yoouuu 
doing? Moo! Don't poke me 
guys! Kat- ILY; All my friends, 
IWNFY; My family, ILY + TY. 

Megan E. Tangaro 
Shorty, Kangaroo" 

2 King Phillip Street (R) 

hat's up, butterscotch? N.J, 
) you know who I am? Do 
u know what I can do to 
u? L.S., Like what? I wi 
ack you! E.O., salt + wice 
waugh; B.W., GT at the 
ach; GL Scottie; TY + ILY 
Dm, Dad, Jonathan, IWNFY 
ys!; TY, BR, later! 

Kyle Sypher 
731 South Street (R) 

Jackson D. Tarr 

56 Pleasant Street 


GL + TYtoMBF's,G.V.,J.W., 
A.B., IWNF any of you or 
something; Wicked times @ 
Berklee; IWNF jammin w/ 
G.V.; Metallica Rules!! " It's 
better to burn out than fade 

Amanda Thetonia 


228 Locust Street (R) 

GT w/ MBF'S Holly + Renee; 
SPJ, FB + Soc games; Sum- 
mers down the Cape - GT; GL 
to my friends, YKWYA.IWMY; 
ILY, Mom + Dad. 

Katelyn Marie 

"Kate, Tex" 

1099 Locust Street (R) 

Soc 1-4; Str 1-4; RR 2001; 
Camp Kyle; JP 2001; IWNF 
MBFs; Lovey'all, IWMY; soph 
semi; Cali; triple jump 3rd 
place; money for gas; 
Baystates 98-01: NYE 98; 
waffles to go; TY, to M.F., 
YKWYA , ILY; TY, Mom + 
Dad ILY; GL, Jimmy + Erin, 

Kelly Thomas 
I Orchard Street (R) 

Taylor Thompson 
7 Highview Terrace (B) 

"And I'm afraid to be alone, 
afraid you'll leave me when 
I'm gone, and I'm afraid to 
come back home. I live 
through this, can't see through 
this, I can't do this anymore." 
D.B., J.S., M.C., M.M., J.F., 
P.M.,; Mom, Nana, ILY; E.R., 

Class of 2002 67 

V - 


Kelly Tierney 


35 Winter Street (B) 

GT + GF.YKWYA; NYE 2001; 
River Rave: Summer2001 @ 
L.M.'s w/ the buds! Road trip 
w/ P.C.; The driveway: To 
MBF. Lyns M. TY. ILY; Too 
many wild times to fit; TY, 
Mom + Dad for putting up w/ 
me. ILY: GL, J.C., C.C., + 

Gena Lynn 


809 Pleasant Street (R) 

Mom, Dad. Rosa. + Godpar- 
ents, TY for everything 
you've done for me; GL, 
Costa + Alan; M.L. + J.L.. 
GL. 5/11/02; All my family. 
both; I wish all my friends 
good luck in the future, 

Michael Veracka 


285 Grange Park (B) 

Biddy 1-4, Champs; Ski 1-4; 
NHS 3-4; GT @ my house; 
Moto-X 4 life; GT w/ 25, 26, 
39, 96, 99; NYE 01 ; Gogglots; 
Terra Squad: The Corp w/ 
Rory: Ski trips w/ Winga + 
Bro; Nina BF; GL Paul + Lau: 
TY, ILY Mom + Dad. 


Sandra M. Torres 
25 Stetson Street (B 

ILY, X.B.; IWNF 2-17-01 
IWNF my sons M.X.B. 
A.X.B., 9-17-01, Iwillalway 
love you; To my family, TY fc 
everything, ILY; GTw/MBF's 
BT. + E.K.; To my teachers 
TY for all your help over th 
years. I will keep in touch! 


Steve Tworek 
125 Greenbrier Lane (B) 

Thank You, Mom, Dad, and 
family. Thanks for being 

Lynn Walsh 


42 Crescent Street (B 

Dance 1-4; MBF's, L.B 
T.M., IWNFY; GT @ FL '0 
w/ Terri; NYE '01; surpris 
parties; snowmen; N'Sync 
Nelly; JP limo ride; Driveby; 
3 pt. turns, YKWYA; VanilH 
Ice; GT + GF, IWMY; Tl 
Mom + Dad. ILY. 

Eric Warner 


43 Lounsbury Drive (R) 

"You couldn't get hold of the 
things you'd done and turn 
them right again. Such a 
power might be given to the 
gods, but it was not given to 
women and men, and that 
was probably a good thing. 
Had it been otherwise, 
people would probably die of 
old age still trying to rewrite 
their teens." -Stephen King 


Colleen A. Welch 

373 Hall Street (R) 

STr 1-4; WR 2+4; Wac 3+4; 
GT + GF;Fix, 15 years! Dan, 
FIRE! River Rave + Tattoos 
w/Weaf; JP; TY, Fred, Adam, 
IWNFY; TY + GL, Ryanne + 
Carrie! TY, Mom + Dad, ILY; 
GL, 2002! 

|Jonathan Whitney 

i Meeting Square Drive (B) 
IIP. 9/11/01 UNITED WE 

Caitlin C. White 

"Cait, CD" 

178 Comfort Street (B) 

FH 1-4, Capt.; Str 1-4; GT 
w/GF,YKWYA;S.A.'s, ILY! 
Aloha, K.H. + J.H.; FH girls 
10/2IWNF!JP'01 ©A.B.'s; 
Buzz; Canadian rebels; 2/ 
14,IWNF!K.H. + A.W.;NYE 
'01; Onset; LAX! "17" J.M.J! 
TY, + ILY, Mom + Dad; GL, 
Kristin + Megan. 

Chris Whitfield 


86 Courtney Way (R) 

GT @ Holyoke's + Sawler's! 
Locust St. in the S-1 w/ Mike 
+ Dave; Swimmin at Z's in 
the winter; Pool at Billiards 
w/ D.H., M.S., M.L., N.Z.; 
Riding the Quad in the corn- 
fields; Thanks for everything 
Dad, Ana, Garry, James, and 


Rachel Whitman 

"Crash, Shorty" 

487 Summer Street (B) 

A.W., MBF forever; A.D. 
chillin w/ the Miskinis crew; 
T.R., getting lost wherever 
we go; The accident; MAC; 
Dances; GT + GF w/ K.L.. 
J.C., M.S., J.M., G.Q., E.M., 
everyone else, YKWYA. 
ILY all, TY; Mom + Dad, TY 

Ashleigh A. Whitty 

168 Sherwood Lane (R) 

MBF K.T. GL; DR 2-3; TJ2; 
JP all four years; ILY, Mom, 
Dad, Britt + Kyle; most of all 

Class of 2002 69 

70 Seniors 

Christopher N. Wright 

150 East Street (B) 

GT w/ GF, Rondeau, C.C., 
J.G., D.S.; IWNF, A.Eatthe 
Tanglewood + our beach; TY 
Mr. Brogna, Ms. White + Of- 
ficer Z., for all your help; A.D. 

Jennifer Zall 


45 Robin Road (B) 

Ski1;GT@ AC 4 years; TY, 
Mom, Dad; MBF, D.H., T.S., 
L.W..G.T., R.G..T.M..S.W.. 
KM., S.E., A.Q.; IWNF GT 
concerts, Crane Street, 
NY AC trips, Car rides to 
Emerald Square mall, JP; 
You are fired; R.G., chicken 
nugget day; GL to everyone, 
Keep in touch. 

Omar Zeid 

"The Omar" 

4 Heather Lane (B) 

Jazz Band; Chorus; Band + 
Winter Ensemble 3-4; MT + 
+ CWC 3-4; NHS + MB 4; 
Guitarist for Livid Serene; 
PCC '98-'99; "This is when 
the shoes hit the fan"-Se- 
nor Diaz; "McNeil is power." 

Jennifer Zolga 

"Jen, Zolga" 

235 Overlook Drive (R) 

Soc 1-4; Wtr 1-4; Str 1-4; 
GT @ MB; GT @ A.B.'s; 
S.O. w/ K.L.; MBF, always 
T.W., BF, A.B. + K.L.The 
girls, YKWYA, ILYITY, J.N. 
for everything; BZ! RR'00 + 
'01, Hot Nights 5; GT @ 
Mike, Mary, -r Billy. 

Nicholas Zutaut 
365 Grange Park (B) 

Class of 2002 71 

Class Clowns 

Heather Whitty 


Tom Sheehan 



Adam Stevenson 


Liz Lucchetti 


Tom Higginbotham 


Jen Haynes 

Worst Drivers 

Dan Pickett 


Kristina Hanney 

Class Couple 

Laureanne DeMoura 


Sean Cronin 

Billy Goodell 


Crystal Rosenfield 

ri i, 

Class Actors 

Laura Miller 


Brendan O'Brien 


- ; i 


Jen Iamele 

Most Likely to be 

Courtney Miles 

Most Likely to be 

Kyle Jose 



To all students, fellow sn-aduates of 2002, faculty and staff: 

When creating a yearbook, the goal is to capture as many memories as humanly possible. However, trying to 
condense 720 days oi high school, hundreds of events and thousands of experiences into a 200 page yearbook is 
no easy task. Therefore, we changed our goal. Instead of providing vou with all of vour high school memories, 
we are offering a glimpse of how B-R will always be remembered in our minds. We attempted to depict what B- 
R was like; From Our View. 

Looking back to the fall of 1998, it is hard to believe that it was only four years ago. The vears have flown bv so 
quickly, however, it's difficult to remember a time without these irreplacable friends; a life without B-R. 

Xow , as we prepare to leave, we realize that we will always have B-R in our memories. We will always remember 
waking up before dawn to fight off the juniors in the parking lot and being one among the masses hurrying into 
school. We will never forget the dav we mastered the art of weaving. Xo, not as in baskets, but as in the vital skill 
for being on time to class. We will never forget perfecting the seamless excuse to attend all four lunches in order 
to see your friends or successfully taking a half hour trip to the bathroom. 

On a more serious note, we will never forget the life lessons. We have realized just how fragile life is, just how 
important friends are and just how necessary family can be. We have learned to forget about the insignificant 
problems and help find real solutions. We have learned that things are never as bad as they may appear. We have 
learned to put things into proper perspective. In short, we have begun to grow up. 

.And though we still have a long way to go, we owe our growth and maturity to the many people who have 
helped us along the way. We appreciate their support and guidance. If thev could only see themselves from our 
view, then would they be able to fullv realize what thev have truly meant to us. 

In closing, the past four vears have had different experiences, different friends and different emotions for 
everyone, but they end result remains the same: we made it. And while we are all heading our separate ways to 
persue our goals and achieve our dreams, we will always remember where we came from and just what B-R meant 
to us: From Our View. 


From Our View 

a Douilette 


Looking Back 

As we look back on those simple times, it seems sad 

that we are growing up. We were the generation of the 

Strawberry Short Cake Dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids, and 

Nerf footballs. The biggest worry of our day was who 

to play with. In those days our heroes were the cartoon 

characters that we watched on Saturday mornings. 

Every little girl wanted to be a princess, and all the 

boys wanted to be warriors. We never had to worry 

about going too far, because the only people we knew 

were our neighbors and family. 

We can all see Craig Murray 's 
having a blast with a glad 
trash bag box. 

*#*U Little Jennifer 
Cote stares off, wondering why 
her cake is still not lit. 


Merriam is 
X^ I caught redhanded on camera, 
y ^S£, and he smiles for forgiveness. 

W> iff** 

The chilly Anne 
Bruckman shivers after her long 

Erin Gale 

The mischievous Meg 
Conner ty is caught with a 
shocked stare. 

Babv Pictures 


Nina MartelliName] 

Irendan O'Brien 

Dan O'ConneU 

Toybox Times 

When we were young our toyboxes were always 
filled to the top. There were Raggedy- Anne dolls, 
Transformers, Barbie dolls, Matchbox Cars and more! 

From playing war with G.I. Joe's to playing house 
with baby dolls, there were plenty of fun things to do. 
Along with all these toys, there was always a favorite 
first toy; a blankie, a soft teddy bear, or even a Tonka 
truck. These were times to remember and will live on 


Lynn Walsh dresses up in 
her father's fire hat. 

Liz Beshanskey is all 
geared up for Halloween. 

Nick Palmieri shows off his 
pearly white teeth before his 
first day of preschool. 

Alyson Wright looks a 
little overwhelmed as she 
finally rips the last piece 
of wrapping paper from 
her gift. 

Babv Pictures 


Michael Veracka 

Eric Warner 

lolleen Welch 

Caitlin White 

iclu-1 Whitman 

Tricia Wholley 

Good Times 

Our childhoods are filled with special memories. 

Christmas was a magical time because Santa brought 

us toys if we were good little boys and girls. Birthdays 

consisted of Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey and digging 

our hands into the cake. On Easter we scaled the 

house, hunting for hidden Easter eggs. 

Who could forget the first days of school carrying 

our Ninja Turtle lunch boxes and apples for the 

teacher? Remember Halloween when we dressed up 

as ghosts and clowns? These are memories that will 

live forever in our minds and hearts. 

Even at a young age, Todd 
Derbyshire still loved listen- 
ing to rock'n'roll. 


Kelly Tierney is all ready for 
her cat walk. 

Like always, Tory Furtado 
finds comfort under the spot- 

Jennifer Zolga throws a gift 
aside, because she just wants 
the bozo! 

Ana Moniz shows true fear 
as she grips on for dear life. 

Babv Pictures 



Remembering 9-11 

September 11, 2001 started off like any other Tuesday 
here at the Regional. As the first lunch bell rang, the halls 
were crowded and filled with uncertainty. Confusion 
arose by rumors too terrible to be true. Had terrorists 
really hit the World Trade Center? About ten minutes 
into lunch our rumors were confirmed. Our Headmaster, 
Mr. Heaslip, stepped up to the microphone. His voice 
trembled as he announced that two hijacked planes had 
crashed into the twin towers. As lunch ended, students 
frantically headed towards classrooms with televisions. 
Many students came just in time to see the horrific 
collapse of the first tower. Faces dropped in disbelief as 
we witnessed an unfathomable attack on US soil... live on 
our television screens. 

As a result of these horrific crimes against humanity, 
Bridgewater-Raynham has unified like never before. All 
students and staff, regardless of race, religion, gender or 
age came together on Friday, September 14 in our 
gymnasium to participate in a National Day of Mourning. 
The President asked for a three minute moment of silence 
around noon time in rememberence of the victims. Most 
in attendance felt our responce reflected the nation's 
strength in this trying time. 

The assembly began with our band playing selected 
patriotic songs. Senior class president, Molly Lawton, 
was the Master of Ceremonies and lead us in the Pledge 
of Allegience. The other senior class officers, along with 
Mr. Heaslip, Mr Peabody, and Mr. Buron also spoke 
during the ceremony. It was amazing how the immense 
class came together for a three minute moment of silence 
by order of the President and in honor of the brave men 
and women who gave their lives for others. 

This beautiful tribute was just what our school and the 
country needed to return to normalcy. By celebrating 
heroes and honoring the memory of the victims, 
Bridgewater-Raynham has taken its initial strides in 
reconciling with the loss and the devastation these 
terrorists have caused. 

1. Underclassmen sell Remembrance Pins to fellow 
students, raising money for the 9-11 cause. 

2. The entire school gathers in hopes that their unan- 
swered questions will be resolved. 

3. B-R's "Tower of Freedom", created by the Art Club, 
depicts freedom in the eyes of our artistic students. 

4. A mural made by a student, posted on a classroom 

5. Mr. Heaslip addresses the concerns of the student 

6. Andrew Merriam mourns for those that lost their lives 
in the unexpected terrorist attacks. 

7. In a time of crisis two students lean on each other for 

8. The students of B-R join together, sing a patriotic song, 
and are proud to be Americans. 

9. For a complete three minutes more than 1300 students 
stood silent to remember all the innocent lives that were 
lost on 9-11. 


Junior Prom 

■lil^l^f^ iP 


p- ■ . i 

1 __■_ 

1 »-5-^j| 

Br >V-^ ' ^1 

< ■ m mi. _l 


1 2 J 

__■ _______ ____f ________ 

_____f _________■ 9JH r ________! 

1 _ . 1 

_V / IP ^3 

«^ -d* 







On May 25, 2001, the class of 2002 held their junior prom at the Sheraton Tara Hotel in Braintree, MA. The dance 
floor was packed with couples and friends. Memories were in the making. When Bryan Adams' "Heaven" began 
to play, everyone knew that the long months of preparation were more than worth it. This was truly a night to be 
remembered forever. 

1. Four studs, Andy Merriam, Ryan Gardiner, Craig Murray and Richie Florence show the ladies how good they 
can look. 

2. Michelle Bisson and Jenn Larson wait anxiously to enter the ballroom. 

3. Dan Cahill and Chad Simmons take the dancing to the tables. 

4. Marisa Prisco, Lauren Mader, Barrie Guarino and Keri Pina take a quick break from dancing. 

5. Liz Beshansky, Megan Cayer and Ally Silva look forward to an unforgettable night. 

6. Who needs expensive, uncomfortable heels when you can sport sneakers to the prom like Danica Copeland? 

7. Prom King„Tom Higginbotham, and Prom Queen, Renee Gaudette, hug each other with congratulations after 
being crowned. 

8. Kelly Tierney and Monica Silva ditch their dates and share a dance. 

9. Kara Silvia proves that great beauty takes time. 

10. Elisa Orellana and Brenda Wilson give each other a quick hug before hitting the dance floor. 

1 1 . Six handsome boys, Kyle Buckley, Mark Lemmo, Chad Simmons, Dan O'Connell, Dan Cahill and Dean Hayden, 
illustrate how basic black and white can look so good. 

12. Megan Cayer shows how the nails are just as important as the dress. 

13. Omar Zeid gives his thumbs up of approval of the nights festivities. 

14. Anne Bruckman and Meg Jones take pictures at Meg's house before hopping in to their waiting limos. 

15. Tom Sheehan plays a diddy to impress Ryanne Bradshaw and Kyla Harrington. 

88 Junior Prom 


/ , 



■ W*fc 


r jp-v 

f < 




■ " ^ ■ 

^^L f 






■ 1 



:■:- . 


n 1 



1 ^mm m 

■ -» ** 


ten i^i 



T*^ ; 


From Our View 89 

Mr. / Ms. Regional 










,t4 *«««: 



VVl!^/*^ 1 


^ ^* 

IE— *^m 

^ *Q ** U 1 LAinJL* 


■ .-;v.y- 

- ^ 


On Friday night, November 16th, the students of B- 
R gathered for another semi-formal. Two DJs filled 
both gyms with music. Many faculty members chap- 
eroned the night and had a good time themselves. The 
music came to a halt as the students lined up to hear the 
announcement of Mr. and Ms. Regional. Everyone 
was excited to hear that Jessica Fix and Chad Simmons 
walked away with the crowns. Following the couple 
were the runners up: Liz, Lucchetti, John Carr, Nina 
Martelli, Luther Smith, Jill Asack, Andy Merriam, 
Molly Lawton, and Steve Protz. 

1. Mr. and Ms. Regional of 2001-2002 show their royalty. 

2. Amanda Perry dances with her boyfriend, Blake Can- 
non, who dressed for the occasion. 

3. Ms. Regional and the four runners up pose for a close 

4. Some girls seem to have shopped at the same stores! 

5. The underclassmen dance the night away in the gym. 

6. Erik Kirchick and Anna Takahama sit down to 
rest from dancing and watch their friends, who 
don't miss a beat. 

7. Ms. Regional, Jess Fix with Mr. Regional, Chad 
Simmons, are surrounded by the runners up. 

8. Nick Palmeri and Jen Calderone savir an enchant- 
ing night. 

9. Mark Lyman gazes into Meredith Kellogg's eyes 
as they enjoy their wonderful evening. 

10. Sarah Govonlu has a great time with friends 
Megan James, Chris Arighi, and Steve Rebolo. 

1 1 . Collette Coury holds date Chris Eismore close as 
they dance to a slow song. 

12. Seniors Ben Bascon and Monica Silva get their 
groove on. 

13. Freshman boys loosen their ties, because no girls 
will dance with them! 

14. Chris Benvie holds hands with his date Jen 
Chaves, as they dance the night away. 

15. Mark Batastini tears himself from the dancefloor 
for a moment make a phone call. 










^ -r- 


<~ 7-i 


f ^ ^ 







'""kit- v * 





The Senior Holiday Party was held 
on December 13, 2001. Everyone had a 
great time dancing and checking out 
all the other costumes. The prize win- 
ning costumes included, Tinkerbell, 
(Kara Silvia) Christmas gifts, (Ben 
Bascon, Andy Merriam, Steve Protz 
and Nick Silvia) and last but not least 
Buzz Lightyear, (Heather Whitty) and 

Woody, (Laura Ford). 

1. Holiday Party costume winners pose for a 

2. Blue Man Group (Nick Palmeiri, Sean Cronin 
and Richie Florence) makes an appearance at the 

3. Brendan O'Brien sits on Santa's (Tom Morrisey) 
lap and tells him what he wants for Christmas. 

4. Blake "Knockout" Cannon shows Jim Reynolds 
what's up. 

5. A few senior girls dance to the music. 

6. Preparing for the upcoming Christmas holiday, Rachel 
Gourdin, Lynda Garrity, Kate McKenney, Amanda Hall and 
Rachel Forman dress in red and white. 

7. Three charming cowgirls (Erin Morin, Lauren Mader and 
Marisa Prisco) are waiting for their ponies. 

8. Ready to raid the caves of Afghanistan, Holly Abrahamson, 
Liz Lucchetti and Amanda Thetonia are prepared to fight. 

9. Willy Wonka (Sean Jones) posses with one of his Oompa 
Loompas (Nina Martelli). 

10. Michelle Almada, Staci James, Kate Daniels and Renee 
Gaudette show off their bright smiles. 

11. Joanna Doulette, Lynn Walsh and Lauren Bectel wish they 
were in Hawaii rather than Massachusetts. 

12. Santa Claus (Meg Jones) gets ready for Christmas with help 
from Meg Cayer, Anne Bruckman and Tricia Whooley. 

13. Taking a pause from dancing, Courtney Miles, Sibohan 
Boston, Luther Smith, Heather Bostrom and Julie Richeart 
pose for a picture. 

14. In 1983, Ryan Post and Will Morey might have been cool. 

15. Kelly Tierney and Crystal Rosenfield hit the dance floor. 



1** -• *f /» 




<& - 



31 1 



1 1*1 

•4r '* J 



i / 



HI F ■"■* „^*^ 

C 'J 


1 \ 


The classes of B-R join together every year before the Thanksgiving Day football game. This 
year's Pep Rally was bigger and louder than ever before. Signs covered every inch of the gym, wall 
to wall and even the basketball hoops. The color guard and band put on a great show, as well as a 
special performance from the cheerleaders and football players. This year was also special because 
of the added bonus of having Chronicle there to capture every moment. The support of the entire 
school helped lift the football team to a big win on Thanksgiving against Silver Lake. 

1. Luther Smith puts attitude into his routine with the cheerleaders. 

2. John Carr and Nick Palmeri make sure that their school spirit shows. 

3. Ryan Post and Kristen Andrutis shake it during a dance. 
4 The junior class shows their spirit. 

5. Cait White, Krishna Hanney, Ally Wright, Ali Erbeck, Nicole Pincolini, Megan Callan, and Megan Daily 
enjoy their final pep rally. 

6. The boys of the junior class show why B-R is #1. 

7. The football team gathers for a huddle, while Chronicle is there to tape everything. 

8. Members of the color guard perform for the school. 

9. Lauren Veracka and Angela Prisco try to liven up the crowd. 

10. Students of the senior class show that B-R will always be #1 to them. 

11. Nick Silvia and Mr. Buron both give motivational speeches. 

12. Ryan Copeland, Jamie Callan and Matt Devin try to survive their first pep rally. 

13. The marching band performs under the direction of Mr. Hyman. 



JUa-*.' «■■ yssHKi 

3l H *frf 




^Pw/iv" \ 














• V V 


-I ' 




F 83. 


r ' -« - 






5 *4 • 


v5> * 

vl :;. 



96 Junior Prom 

On December 2nd, the Trojans embarked on a journey to Boston University, 
facing the Crimson Tide (Everett) for the Division 1 Super Bowl. The Trojans took 
control on the second play of the game when Ryan Post threw a short pass to 
Luther Smith, which he ran 45 yards to the end zone. The Trojans defense 
stopped the Crimson Tide throughout the game. In the final minute of the game, 
Everett scored. They went for the two point conversion and succeeded. The 
Trojans finished their season ranked sixth in the state. They held a phenomenal 
record of 1 1 wins and 2 losses. B-R is proud of the team, which followed the 
precedent set by last year's Trojans, by playing in the Super Bowl. 

1 . The defense zones in for the kill. 

2. The Trojans try to recover the fumble from the Crimson Tide 

3. Kach Nwosu helps team mate, Will Morey rise to his feet 

4. The Trojans try to set good blocks to return the kick off. 

5. Ryan Post awaits the snap from Pete Mason. 

6. Will Morey and Kach Nwosu cover the back field. 

7. The Bridgewater-Raynham Football teams walk off the field for 
half time. 

8. The Trojans line up for the kick off. ready to pummel The 
Crimson Tide 

9. The BR offense tries to rush past the Everett line. 

10. The Trojans hold Everett at the line of scrimmage. 

1 1 . B-R fans showing team support by making posters. 

12. The Bridgewater-Raynham students showing there 
support at Nickerson Field. 

From Our \ic\s 97 


B-R would be nothing without its underclass- 
men. They will soon have their day to shine and 
lead the school to bigger and better things. As 
freshman, we entered with a sense of awe. We 
worried about making it to classes on time, and 
more importantly, actually finding all of our 
classes. After the initial adjustments, we made 
new friends and quickly settled into our new 
lifestyles as high school students. As sophomores, 
we were forced to think about our futures with 
such obstacles as PSAT's and MCAS. Junior year 
began with a flash of reality: SAT's. Suddenly, a 
common question became, "So what do you want 
to do with the rest of your life?" It proved to be a 
question that none of us were ready to answer. 
However, junior year also gave us some of the 
best memories such as the prom, licenses and 
parties. Our only advice to our underclassmen is 

this: Enjoy B-R because it is a short four years. 

1. Ryan Homer gives a thumbs up and a big smile, 
showing us that dental hygiene is a must. 

2. The cafeteria is a great spot for socializing: Shawna 
Scanlon, Caroline Mailloux, Christina Riccardi and 
Vanessa Carney grab a bite to eat. 

3. Ricky Sperrazza listens to some tunes as he leaves 
school at the end of the day. 

4. Eric Linehan and Scott Byam show off their football 

5. Ms. Murphy works with Kim Weeks on painting. 

6. Five freshman enjoy their first semi formal. 

7. Dan Stone takes a music break while at lunch. 

8. Greg Hartford demonstrates plank cutting for his 
classmate, Wayne Audette. 

9. Mike Zella and Dennis Sharpe feel better after getting 
rid of some energy in gym class. 

Andrea Berardi Teresa Bercume Nicole Bevis Jeremy Bisihger Jesse Bisson Allison Blancha 

Class of 


100 Freshmen 

Lndrew Boimila Thomas Bouzan David Boyd Meghan Boyle 

Olivia Brassard Cassandra Britton 


jueline Bromberg Ryan Buckley Steven Buckley Sara Buckner Benemino Bumpus Justine Buonanduci 

Cheryl Calderone Anthony Caliri James Callan 

■lary Callinan Taliyah Camel 

Taylor Caparell Nadia Carlevale 

■ ■ 

'"■ill Chaffee Tabitha Chaffee Leslie Chandler Kimberly Chappell Andrew Charpentier Vincent Chiappini 


Freshmen UM 

Brendon Cunha Aubrev Cunningham, Jr. Andrea Curtis Justin Cuting 

Michael Danielczyk Luke Daniels Samantha Daniels Colby Dasilva 

Elizabeth Dahlborg 

Michael Dah 

102 Freshmen 

laryl DeAngelis Nicholas Deluliis Leigh Delahanty Julianne DeMello Kimberlly Dempsey Matthew Devin 

Daniel Dion Elizabeth Donovan Jessica Donovan 

ft* _1 

x4 ** 

Peter Drosos 

jhley Dyer 

Danielle Drost 

Matthew Duval 

mSr ^^a 








Irena Eaves 

Daniel Ebbs, Jr. Patrick Egan 

Alyssa Ellis 

hthony Ellis 


I reshmen 103 

Matthew Federico Kyle Feeley Brieanne Fernandes Brittany Fernandes Edward Ferreira 

Timothy Figgii I 

Andrea Freitas Ashley Freitas 

Zoe Furtado Adam Gannon Brian Geisler Althea Georgar. 


Kimberly German Brian Gerrish 


Andrew Ghelfi Sara Ghelfi Andrew Gilbody Nicole Gl\ 

Amanda Gobbi Jessica Godfrey Adam Gourdin Beau Gravlin 

Matthew Gray Danielle Grazi 

104 Freshmen 

Richard Green Samantha Green 

Matthew Grein Tabitha Guilmette 

Catherine Hall William Hall, III 




«@e> ' 

Shannon Haluch Laura Happnie Michael Hardy 

Andrew Hauck Ashley Haynes Caitlin Heavey 

•stina Hennessey Patrick Herrington 

Daniel Hogg 

Kristen Holcomb Jessica Hollstein Timothy Holt 

landy Holyoke John Hughes Amanda Iafrate Katie Innocenzi Jennifer Jaffe Heather Jankins 

Freshmen 105 

'>m " 

Kevin Joyce Lindsey Kahler Lisa Kaplan Amy Kapoutsos Gregory Karsner Elizabeth Kellog 


Christopher Kelly Katie Kendrick Beniamin Keylor 

Ronald Kolozie Christopher Ladd James Lawrence Timothy Lee Ehzabeth Lehtola Anthony Leone 

Vanessa Lerro Alyssa Levaggi Jeffrey Lewis 

Rachel Liao Amanda Libbv 


Jennifer Lin 

106 Freshmen 

Lvlathew Lortie Kimberlv Lucchetti Stewart MacArthur Brianne MacAusland Julie MacBeth Nicole MacE 

lolas Macoliru Andrew Madden Katelyn Mader Derek Martin Alexander Martineu Meghan Martorana 

illiam Mason Vaughn Maxson 


Neal Mazzoleni Shaun McAuliffe Ke\'in McCarthy Aarron McCoy 

Bhley McGrath Anthony Mendes Tiffany Messer Corey Millard Julie Molina Samantha Montisano 

irlotte Moore Erik Morrissey Hannah Morse 

Daniel Morton 

Tiago Mota Kevin Mulligan 


Freshmen 107 

Anthony Murdoch Keaghan Murphy Melissa Murphy Timothy Murphy 



Patrick Newell Meghan O'Donnell Patrick O'Donnell Ashley O'Leary Matthew O'Leary Stephanie Oli 

Maik Orellana Marisa Ortiz-Merrill Timothy Oxley Tiffani Papadopoulos Michael Pappas Jillian Parente;ilw 

Class of 


108 Freshmen 

Itthew Powers Steven Precourt 


Shane Prescott Robert Pringle Kevin Reagan Kate-Lynn Reed 

1 Reifschneider Terresa Reis Amber Rhilinger Amy Roberts Milagro Roberts Sandra Robinson 

uren Rocha Ashley Rosata 

Amy Ross 

Matthew Ryan Carlos Sabino Robert Sadler 

i r titonK/ 

Kristen Sarafian Alexander Schavrien Marc Schwenzfeier Brandon Secatore 


rah Sharland Brian Shaughnessy Ariel Shaw 

Kellyrose Shea Dominique Sherburne Valerie Shore 


Freshmen 109 

John Sivieri 

Adam Smith 

Diana Smith Michelle Smith 


Taylor Smith William Smith I 

Christian Snow Jared Soccorso Kathryn Souza Douglas Spear Nicholas Spencer Marc Sperrazz« 

Xutthavut Srisathith Michelle St. Martin Wilbert Steffy Emily Steinberg 

Daniel Stone Valerie StrolL 

m wimmm. 

Danielle Sullivan Jonathan Tangaro Drew Taylor Wayne Teague James Thetonia Jennifer Thorn 

110 Freshmen 

imothy Tilbe Zachary Tolivaisa Barbara Torres Alan Tremouliaris Jennifer Turpel Marissa Tuttle 


ichael Vachon Rahul Vedula 

Carley Vespa Christina Walker Desarai Walker 


Amy Walsh 

Ihley Waterman Tekhara Watson Ryan Watts Gregory Webber Julie Webber Bethany Wegman 

Jessica White 

Ashley Whittemore Thomas Whittemore William Whittington 

Brittany Whitty 





lulie Wood Steven Wood Bryan Wright Randa Zaiter 

Paul Zeller 


Freshmen 111 

James Acone 

Jesse Agger 

Jennifer Anacki Brian Anderson Craig Andrea 

Denisse Baez 


112 Sophomores 

latthevv Burke Melanie Byam James Cadigan Laura Calderone Brendan Callahan Patrick Callahan 

i -i'C'K 
ichael Card Raymond Cardoza Francisco Carrasco Andrew Carson Matthew Cayer 

Krishna Cederlund 












m w . 

lison Clark 

Daniel Coburn Matthew Combra Mary Condon 

pael Champagne Sarah Chappell Kristine Chiljean Jennifer Chiocca Stephen Christofi Katie Chuckran 

Erin Connerty Ryan Connolly 

lithan Connors Matthew Conti Michael Cooney Matthew Copp 

Breanna Corr 

Sarah Correia 


Sophomores 1 1 3 

Class of 


114 Sophomores 

Sean Earle 

Ashley Edson Robert Ellenberg Brendon Elliot Kristopher Elsmore John Esposito 

ian Farrington Meghan Feeley Cheryl Ferreira Eric Ferreira 

Brian Figgins Amanda Filipek 

'hilip Furtado Joshua Galloway Sean Gerrish Nicholas Giordano Jeffrey Gleason Crystal Glockner 

stopher Goodhue Rachel Gorman 

Emily Goudreau Joel Grace Katherine Graham Andrew Grant 


Sophomores 115 

Class of 


116 Sophomores 

Mike Hsueh 

Jennifer Hubley Theresa Hughes 

Sarah Inglis 

Rachel Jacobs Kenneth Johnson 

Jamie Johnston Christopher Joyce Johanna Justice Danielle Kearns 

Sean Keating Matthew Kellogg 

bnnifer Knight Jennifer Korzeniowski Diana Kostas Daniel LaBouliere Mark LaFrance Sean Lamontagne 

fanne Larson 

Jennifer Lauper Michael Lawrence Patrick Leahy 

Phillip Leger 

Regan Lenane 


Sophomores 117 

oh m 

Kristen Leon Lindsey Lessard Zachariah Levesque Zacharv Lewis 

Song-Bob Liao 

Julie Lima 


Matthew MacKinnon 

Core\- Maher Matthew Mahoney Michelle Mahoney William Manning Heather Mart 

Bethany Marion Amanda Marr Amanda Martelli Tara McClellan Matthew McDermott Kristen McDono 

Laura McElroy Joseph McGaughey Deanna McGillis Gregory McGovern Jeffrey McGovern Mary-Jill McGra 

118 Sophomores 

?nnifer McGuire Michael McGuire Kevin McMullen Elise Melford Ephraim Melmer Matthew Messer 

Victoria Mills 

Alex Moberg Matthew Modica Kallie Montagano Daniel Moore 

Tracy Moore 

ichael Morlani John Morrison Erin Morrissey Adrian Morse William Morton Joseph Mullaney 

ichard Mullett Jacquelyn Murphy Kevin Murphy William Myles Saba Nessralla Andrew Newby 

Sophomores 1 19 

Autumn Ossai Kristina Otero Michael Oxlev Frank Pacheco Deanna Packer Kristen Panton 

Jessica Phanei 


Aliaa Phillips Kevin Pieper Shanna Pilotte Lauren Pincolini Christopher Pires Amanda Poiriej 

Liana Ponte Jonathan Pratti Danielle Prescott 

Angela Prisco 

Meagan Quarterley Casev Quinnj 

120 Sophomores 

Eddi-Jo Rothman Sumon Roy Michael Ruehrwein 

iccole Ruuska Kaitlyn Saba Donald Santos, Jr. Gregory Schnare 

Evan Scott 

Stephen Sesin 

Erika Shaw Alexander Shea Allison Shockley Kristen Sieger Nicholas Sietins Christopher Silva 

imothy Silva Kristin Simmons Oscar Singson Jessica Sircar 

Ashley Slavin Christopher Smerz 

Sophomores 121 

Brianne Striggles Kevin Sullivan 

Patrick Sullivan Joshua Sweeney 

Justin Sylvester Chris Szymczuk, 

Lisa Takahama Samuel Tarr Nicholas Tate James Taxiera Jacqueline Tenney Cassandra Thiel 

Eleni Thompson Patrick Timmons 

Alexander Tolivaisa 

Kelly Vanaken Lauren Veracka 


122 Sophomores 

laura Yafrate Stephen Yelle William Young, Jr. Angela Zutaut 

Sophomores 123 


Andrew Aiello 

Jason Akstin Ghayath Al-Obaidi Patrick Allen 


Kyle Amoedo 

Christopher Arrighi Theodoros Athanasiou Lindsay Atkins Wayne Audette Paul Augustine 

Dana Baggs 

Justin Baillie 

Joseph Balboni 

Kenneth Anders 


Xavier Baez 

Peter Balboni Amanda Barker John Bascon 


Kevin Beaudoin Christopher Begley 

Christopher Benvie Joseph Berg Christopher Bergt* 

Sandra Berry 

Class of 

Russell Best 

Cory Blanchai 


124 Juniors 

lhaena Breese Mark Brezinski Benjamin Brezner Caitlin Brides Rachel Brocato Kyle Brown 

Brholas Bulgaris Jennifer Burgess Kelli Burke Elizabeth Burt Nicole Butts Scott Byam 

tthy Chiappini Katherine Chiocca Shawn Churchill Amanda Clapp Robert Coakley Bernard Cobb 

Juniors 125 

Elizabeth Colburn Clint Cooper Laura Courcv 

Ashley Coury Christopher Coyman Xatalee Crimnvf 

I ■ 

Timothy Cronin Jessie Cruise Camille Curry Matthew Cushing Joshua Cutting Brigid Daile\ 

Karvl Dunham 

Class of 


126 Juniors 

ifer Engelhardt Brianne Faria Bethany Farias Heather Feldman Vianka Feliciano Gregory Feroli 

IRyan Fisher Michael Fitzpatrick Bridget Flynn Kristin Follett Andrea Forman John Foster 

frene Fraihat Kristen Francoeur Alysa Freni 

Kelly Gardner 

Nicole Gelinas Christopher Gilbody 

listian Gomez Katrina Gorga Joshua Gourdin Jennifer Govain Julie Govain Timothy Gracia 

:hael Greely Nicholas Green Jonathon Grein Laura Guilfoy Timothy Hall Christina Hamilton 

Juniors 127 

Courtney Hanney Alexander Hanson Kyla Harrington Gregory Hartford Rachel Hauck 

Angela Heal\ I 

■ ■ 

Thomas Hennessey 

Nicholas Herrick 

Katie Hiltz 

Allison Howe Andrea Hubacheck Gretchen Isen< 

Caitlin Jahnke 

Megan James 

Paul Jankins 

Allison Jeannette Brittany Kearney Meredith Kellc; 


128 Juniors 

Eric Linehan Jacqueline Lopes Danny Lopez Justin Lovell Daniel Lucchetti Kevin Luis 

Mark Lyman Daniel MacKey Joshua Magee Megan Magill Patrick Maguire Caroline Mailloux 

Tracie Mare John Marinella Alexandra Mastria 

Joseph McBride Elise McCann 

^ki \ 

»^le McCarthy Michael McCormack 


Sara McElroy Dillon McGovern Lauren McGrath Julianne McGuire 


an McHardy Erin McNamara Nichole Medeiros Dennis Mitchell Kimberly Mitchell Lindsay Mitchell 

Juniors 12° 

Paula Moniz Kimberly Morast Shannon Morrissey Robin Morse David Moseley Peter Moyniha 

° J 

Kristen Mullaney Jason Munise Matthew Munise Sophia Myers Marcus Narciso Jason Nee 

Kimberly Nehiley Jeffrey Nelson 

Steven Nelson 

Haven Nichols Scott Norris Geoffrey O'Con ,11' 

Caitlin O'Connor Cristen O'Donnell Caitlin O'Leary Paul Oliari Justin O'Neil 

Thomas Parenteau Kimberly Paris Matthew Peabody Timothy Pearson Ian Perm 

Jeffrey Pent 

Class of 


130 Juniors 

Jaren Perewitz Michael Petrino Erica Pinto Michael Pistone Jennifer Pizzutti Anthony Porazzo 

Steven Praino 

Marc Pratti 

Robert Prime Sarah Prime Stephen Prisco Michelle Quinn 

Jeffrey Ramadan Melissa Rebelo Steven Rebolo John Reckord Kevin Reese Kathleen Reid 

qulene Rhilinger Christina Ricciardi Jacqueline Robak Elyse Roberts Andrew Rocha Dennis Rodrigues 

Kdam Ronayne Evan Roy 

Amanda Ryan Sarah Salamon Robert Sanderson Patrick Sargent 

Juniors 1 Jl 

Christopher Sietins Ryan Simpson Radha Sinha Ashley Slater Teresa Sly Adam Smith 

Holly Smith Jennifer Smith Kimberly Smith Krista Smith Tara Smith Krystina Sous 

Kevin Souza Richard Sperrazza Erin Spillane Brandon Springer Natthinee Srisathith Chelsey St. Mai 

Stephanie St. Martin Jonathan Stairs Merry Stone Christopher Sullivan Joanna Sullivan Anna Takahail 


132 Juniors 

Jesse Tebbetts Andrea Thompson Rebecca Torres Costa Tremouliaris Kayleena Tunewicz Matthew Turner 

■ ■ 

Derik Vandyke Lindsey Venuti Anthony Walker Wendy Warniment Kourtney Washburn Joshua Webber 

Jeffrey Weeks 

Jason Weigold 

Kristin White Julianne Whittemore Kristyn Whittington Christina Wholley 

luniors 133 

Success is a word familiar to all 
Bridgewater-Raynham athletes. No 
matter if the teams win or lose, success 
is still achieved through the enjoyment 
of the sport. Students are given the 
opportunity to display their talent out 
of the classroom. The Bridgewater- 
Raynham Trojans have had more suc- 
cess than any other school in the Old 
Colony League. Friendships are built 
upon the foundation created by team- 
work. Athletics are a vital part of the B- 
R High School experience. 

1 . The girls soccer team gets pumped up before 
the game. 

2. The Trojans football team provideing some 
offensive blocking. 

3. Ryanne Bradshaw and Alex Mastria await to 
make a kill. 

4. Keeping her head in the game Danica 
Copeland looks for the score. 

5. Kristen White sprints up the hill to win the 

6. Rich Florence swings for the fences. 

7. Dan Clark secures a return back to his 

8. With great strength, Lee Beene throws the 

9. Anne Bruckman shows good form on her 

10. Sophia Myers launches the shotput. 


This year's football team has lived up to its 
expectations. Under the leadership of captains 
Richie Florence, Matt Lyford, Tom 
Higginbotham, and Pete Mason. The victori- 
ous B-R Trojans finished an undefeated OCL 
season for the second consecutive year. The 
five consecutive league titles the team has 
earned, gives B-R a sense of pride that is felt by 
everyone that walks through the halls. 

1. A player of equal size is no threat to Lee Beane. 

2. Ryan Post gets the next play from Coach Buron. 

3. Rich Florence and Matt Lyford tackle an opposing 
player as Clint Cooper watches. 

4. Pat Allen putting forth his best effort after Pete Mason 
falls to the ground. 


^(W *^ % m 

K? , i£l i 6 L . . 5S 


5. Captain Rich Florence sacks the QB out of the pocket. 

6. Luther Smith grabs a key interception courtesty of Will Morey 
and Matt Lyford's quick skill. 

7. Jon Freyermouth overpowers his opponent. 

8. 2001 B-R Football Team picture. 

9. Coach Buron gives a motivational talk to his players. 

10. The defensive team tries to get a few calls their way. 

11. Captain Richie Florence takes the face mask for the free fifteen 

12. Senior Kevin O'Brien tries to get in on the play. 

13. Will Morey, Rich Florence and Tom Higginbotham wait for the 

14. Coach Buron paces back and forth while planning for the next 

15. Pete Mason dives for the ball 

16. Matt Lyford enjoys the thrill of victory. 

Field Hockey 

The Bridge water-Raynham Trojans field 
hockey team had one of their most produc- 
tive seasons in the last ten years. Ranked 
10th in the state, the Trojans managed to 
qualify for the state tournament. With lead- 
ership from captains Cait White and Rachel 
Ladd, the Trojans have made a strong name 
for themselves in the OCL. 

1. Focused on the game, Kylie Biela observes her 
teammates dominating the field. 

2. Jill Asack battles the defender for control of the ball. 

3. Keeping her head in the game, Cait White plans her 
next move. 

4. Courtney Vespa is about to score on the break away. 

5. Playing defense, Michelle Almada tries to stop the 
opponent from passing. 

6. Keri Dufalt sprints across the field. 


7. The Trojans' field hockey team; (top row: N. Gelinas, J. Haynes, 
K. Biela, S. Durso, J. Welsh, V. Carney, C. Ellis, D. Copeland, 
A. Wright, K. Daniels, A. Ossai, K. Nehiley, M. Kelly; middle row: 
L. Dempsey, A. Freyermuth, J. Daly, K. Dufault, M. Almada, R. Ladd, 
C. White, L. DeMoura, J. Asack, M. Daily, C. Vespa, B. Corr; bottom 
row: J. Cote, S. St. Martin) 

8. Staci Durso sprints to the ball to beat the opponent. 

9. Michelle Almada blasts a ball down the field. 

10. Maneuvering past her opponent, Rachel Ladd shoots to win. 

11. Kim Nehiley and her opponent take a spill while fighting for the 

12. Allison Wright goes for the goal. 

13. Coach Casabian and Keri Dufault discuss their game plan. 

14. Meghan Daly tries to steal the ball. 
15.The field hockey team cutting loose. 

Boys' Soccer 

B-R Boys' soccer went through a big transition. 
Under the guidance of new head coach, Bill Crane, 
the team went on to win big games and maintain a 
B-R reputation in the sport. Although ending the 
season with a 7-8-5 record and 6-4-4 in the OCL, the 
boys gave their opponents a tough fight. 

1. Billv Goodel makes a swift cross. 

2. Jon Neil curves the ball up to top corner. 

3. Tim Gracia dribbles adroitly down the sideline, with his 
opponent in hot pursuit. 

4. Andy Merriam sets his eyes upon the prize. 

5. Chris Duerdon awaits a pass. 

6. Jason Emord ferociously boots the ball out of his territory. 

7. The B-R Boys' Varsity Soccer team gathers for a group photo 
(Top: Paul Narciso, Brandon Springer, Arthur Gadera, Joe 
Powers, Chris Benvv, Chris Smurz, Kevin Sullivan, Brian 
Sovia, Kevin McAuliffe, Chris Duerdon, Tim Gracia, Jason 
Emord, Jason Wygold; Bottom: Paul Oliaro, Steve Rabolo, 
Justin Govonlu, Billy Goodell, Jon Neil, Andrew Merriam, 
Matt Anderson, Marc Freitas). 
8 Kevin McAuliffe serves Brandon Springer a smooth pass. 


Girls' Soccer 

The B-R Varsity Girls' Soccer team had an explosive season! 
Their hard work and dedication paid off, resulting in an unde- 
feated season in the Old Colony League. The "Lady Trojans" 
were ranked third in southeastern Massachusetts. They lost a 
tough game to Notre Dame Academy in the semi-finals of the 
state tournament. Captains Monica Silva, Meg Connerty, Carrie 
Simmons, and Ana Moniz led the team to the third consecutive 
OCL title with an excellent overall record of 15-1-4. 

1. I he 2001 B-R Girls Soccer team 

2. Monica Silva jumps in the air to u in the headball. 

3. Top goalie in the OCL Julie Innocenzie makes another sa\ e. 

4. Coach Heslin smiles while holding the OCL champion plaque. 
5 Sophomore Meg Hess dribbles the ball down the open field. 

6. Paula Mom/ shields the hall away from her opponent. 

7. Coach Heslin stands in the middle of the circle and discusses the upcoming 

Boys' Cross Country 

"The Bridgewater-Raynham Boys' Cross Country 
team had a trying year. They were able to place 
fourth in the OCL. With the team leadership of 
William Gambil, Michael Spagone, and Tim 
Chiapini the cross country team was able to pull off 
a few victories." - Coach Lemar 

1 . The Boys Cross Country team gets ready for their first meet of 
the year. 

2. B-R takes charge around the corner. 

3. Tim Chiapini talks with Coach Joe Lemar about his latest timed 

4. The B-R Boys Cross Country team, (Top: Jeff McGovern, Pete 
Babbon, Pat Leahy, Tim Chiapinni, Rob Sanderson, Kevin Murphy, 
Greg McGovern, Phil Ledges; Bottom: Bill Gambil, Dan Roland, 
Aaron Pacheco, Michael Spagone, Christopher Ladd). 

5. The Trojans trek through rough terrain. 

6. The exhausted Mike Spagone pushes himself to the limit for his 

7. Greg McGovern shows true Trojan determination. 

8. Phil Ledges moves away from the remainder of the pack. 






Girls' Cross Countr 

The Cross-Country girls had a rebuilding season with a few clutch 
wins against Plymouth South and Taunton. They qualified for the 
Class A meet. Great leadership was demonstrated with captains 
Cathy Silva and Joanna Doulette. 

1. The Girls' Cross Country Team: (top) L. Yafrate, C Mailloux, R. Zeta, A. 
Slavin, T. Moore, S. Diamond, K. White, R. Sinha, A. Edson, E. Melford, 
(bottom) K. Francoer, J. Hood, R. Blanchette, C Silva, C. Riccardi, A. Shaw, 
L. Kahler 

2. Caroline Mailloux records times for her teammates. 

3. Coach Urban becomes slightly nervous as the race progresses. 

4. Kristen Francoer concentrates on her footing as Kristen White charges up 
the hill. 

5. Christina Riccardi puts forth her best effort for the team. 

6. Radha Sinha takes the lead down the cross country course. 

7. Rachel Blanchette drives herself up a tough hill with determination. 


This year, Bridgewater-Raynham Golf defended their 
title as OCL champions and held the intruders at bay. 
The troops let only one away match slip, and to this end 
secured a 12-1 record. Led by tri-captains Rob Ferris, 
Chris Rego and Greg Caron, Trojan golf enjoyed its 
most successful year to date. In the state tournament, 
the Trojans placed ninth in the finals and set the pace 
for an even more successful year to come. 

1. Seniors Mark Lemmo, Chris Rego, Rob Ferris, Steve Protz, Greg 
Caron and Dan O'Connell stand proud. 

2. The ball disappears into the horizon as senior Dan O'Connell follows 

3. Senior, Steve Protz proves once again that it's "all in the hips.'' 

4. Tri-Captain Chris Rego hammers one deep into the fairway. 

5. The suave senior Steve Protz holds his finish for all the onlookers. 

6. Top Row: Coach George Pimental, Mark Lemmo, Steve Protz, Tri- 
Captain Rob Ferris, Tri-Captain Chris Rego, Tri-Captain Greg Caron, 
Dan O'Connell, Corv Blanchard. Bottom Row: John Foster, Matt 
Caver, Dan Luchetti, Derek Philippe, Dennis Rodriguez, Mark Folkins. 

8. Senior, Mark Lemmo stares his putt into the hole. 

9. The Trojans are rallied by Veteran Coach, George Pimental. 

10. A veteran's bump and run is played bv senior Dan O'Connell. 




' > 

The Girls' volleyball team has had a year of building. This season, 
the Bridgewater-Raynham girls' volleyball team, had more league 
wins than any other year in B-R Volleyball history . Capt. Ashley 
Carson showed great leadership. Next year with virtually all the 
team members coming back, B-R should expect even greater 

1. K. Burk, K. Follett, N. Wide, S. Saunders, M. Driscol, R. Bradshaw, M Kellogg, R. 
Lenane, Coach Mastria. Bottom Left: M. I eeley, |. Covin, A. Mastria, A. Carson, 1 
Pincolini, J. Coven pose proudly for a group portrait. 

2. Coach Mastria ponders his game plan. 

3. Meghan Driscoll and Merideth Kellogg await a perfect set up from the hack row 

4. Lauren Pincolini follows through with her intense serve. 

5. Regan Lenane sets up a shot. 

6. Nicole Wilde and Lauren Pincolini come together hut still mis* the shot. 

7. Alex Mastria and Kristen Follett the situation. 

8. Rvanne Bradshaw hits the hall with tremendous force. 



The Trojans' Varsity Cheerleading Squad had 
another successful season. After performing every week 
at half time, the girls prepared to perform at their OCL 
competition, which they also hosted at B-R. After long 
months of gymnastics, weight room, and choreography, 
the team led by captains Kristen Andrutis and Lauren 
Mader with co-captains Alysa Freni and Amanda Clapp, 
placed second in the OCL fall competition. They placed 
first in the OCL winter competition. 

1. Captain Kristen Andrutis smiles after a victory at BC 

2. The squad performs a dance during their halftime routine. 

3. The girls prepare to take the mat before their OCL 

4. Sophia Barros, Lauren Mader. and Catherine Graham 
excite the crowd at the Thanksgiving Day Game. 

5. The 2001-02 Trojans Cheerleading Team (E. Winsor, C. 
Graham, K. Leon, N. Ruuska, L.Veracka, A. Smith, A. Freni, 
C. Moore, A. Clapp, S. Chapell, A. Frisco, S. Barros, A. 
Rosata, K. Andrutis, L. Mader). 




. **■:.*% 

... ,*,. 


6. Captains Lauren Mader and Kristen Andrutis break for a 
quick hug. 

7. Sarah Chapell performs a perfect heel stretch. 

8. Sophia Barros, Catherine Graham, and Emily Winsor pump 
up the crowd at the Pep Rally. 

9. Emily Winsor and Amanda Clapp intently watch the foothall 

10. The squad performs their routine during competition. 

1 1. Sophia Barros soars above the ground in her toe touch basket 

12. Kristen Andrutis, Alysa Ereni, Lauren Veracka, Lauren 
Mader, and Charlotte Moore watch the Super Bowl with fans 

13. Sophia Barros focuses on executing her stunt. 

14. The team shares a big hug after a flawless routine. 

15. Sarah Chapell, Charlotte Moore and Sophia Barros excite 
the crowd in a pyramid stunt. 

Bovs' Winter Track 

The Bridget ater-Raynham winter track team did it again. 
They successfully won the OCL League Championship for 
the second year in a row. Captains Luther Smith, Mark 
Battastini. Tom Higgenbotham, and Will Morey all excelled 
in their events. 

1. Kyle Burquist. Brett LeClerc and Andy Newby race down the track for 
a practice run. 

2. Luther Smith chats with coach Urban about the big meet. 
3. 1'.D. Nwosu sprints down the track. 

4. Tom Higginbotham after his throw of the shot put 

5. Luther Smith surpasses the Taunton sprinters. 

6. Using all of his strength. Saba Nesrella. prepares to release the shot put 

7. Junior Chris Benvie warms up before his race. 

8. Top: Kach Nwosu. Will Morey. Andrew Grant. Andy Newby. Ryan 
Buckley. Kevin Murphy. Rob Sanderson. Rick Mullet. Matt Caver. \ inny 
Chiapina. Dusty Hall. Kevin Mcmullen. Greg Karsner.Tim Chiapinni. UD 
Nwosu. Ryan Post. Tom Higgenbotham. Middle: Chris Benvy. Matt Copp. 
Chris Kolentsas. Mike Champagne. Ryan Hennesey. Kyle Burquest. Nick 
Tate. Frank Pacheco. Adam Genette. Aaron Pacheco. Pete Balboni. Haven 
Nichols. Bottom: Brett LeClerc. Ian Crotty. Kyle Anderson. Mike Resmini. 
Luther Smith. Mark Battastini. Mike Spagone. Ben Brezna. and Peter 

J 7 


This years Girls' Winter Track Team was very successful with 
a record of six wins and two loses. The girls placed second 
overall in the Old Colony League. Led by Coach Paul Urban, 
the Lady Trojans are a great asset to B-R athletics. 

1 . The 2001 -2002 B-R Girls' Winter Track Team, (Bottom: Molly 
Lawton, Anne Bruckman, Jennifer Measer, Jennifer Zolga, Cathy Silva, 
Tricia Whooley, Kristin Whittington, Middle: Kylie Biela, Jen Linn, 
Victoria Baczek, Carrie Pohl, Christina Ricciardi, Brigid Dailey, Ashley 
Slavin, Kim Chappell, Christina Curry, Top: Cheryl Calderone, Cassey 
Thelker, Randa Zader, Ryanne Bradshaw, Sabrina Gambil, Christina 
Doris, Danielle Kearns, and Jackie Murphy). 

2. Cathy Silva and Kim Chapel pace themselves for a long run. 

3. Sabrina Gambill and Jen Linn stretch out before the competition. 

4. Rounding the corner, Anne Bruckman approaches home stretch. 

5. Brigid Dailey gives her all. 

6. Hurdlers, Carrie Pohl, Ryanne Bradshaw. and Sabrina Gambill try 
catching their Taunton competitor. 

7. Jen Zolga gets up and over the high jump. 

Bovs' Basketball 

The Bridgewater Raynham Tojans have had a satis- 
factory season. Team captain, Matt Cahill (1000 pt. 
scorer) shows great leadership along with the ability 
to strive for victory. With some impressive wins and 
some heartbreaking losses the Trojans still hold 
their team spirit. 

1. The 2001-2002 Boys' Basketball Team (Bottom: Kevin 
McAullife, Chad Simmons, Matt Cahill (Captain), Dan Clark, 
Andrew Merriam. Middle: Paul Oliari, Mike Brennan, Sean 
Cronin, Tim Pearson. Top: Nick Silvia (Manager), Mike 
Driscoll, Scott Norris, Justin O'Neil, AJ Ronain). 

2. Andrew Merriam pushes the ball up-court. 

3. Kevin McAullife looks for the open man under the basket. 

4. Dan Clark tosses up a three-point shot. 

5. Coach Fisher tries to keep his team motivated. 

6. Matt Cahill fires up a jump shot with great form. 

7. The Trojans defense swarms the ball. 

8. Chad Simmons smothers his opponent in an attempt to 
steal the ball. 


9. AJ Ronain follows through after 
taking his shot. 

10. Coach Fisher and Coach Kearney 
are thinking of a new game plan on 
the sideline. 

11. AJ Ronain drives to the basket. 

12. Kevin McAullife attempts to make 
a pass as three Taunton defenders 
smother him. 

13. Justin O'Neil awaits a pass from 
his teammate. 

14. Dan Clark goes up for a rebound. 

15. Chad Simmons adds two more 
points to the scoreboard. 

16. Matt Cahill is on the foul line 
adding more points. 

17. Andrew Merriam shows his in- 
tense game face. 

Girls' Basketball 

The girls basketball team had a solid 
season this year. With guards like Kim 
Morast, Monica Silva, and Carrie Simmons, 
and height like Meagan Driscoll and Ashley 
Abrahamson, the girls Trojan basketball 
team was unstopable. Mr. Cunif f coached 
his players tough and it all paid off when 
the girls won the OCL league title. 

1. Monica Silva dishes a pass out to her team mate. 

2. Coach Cunniff tries to put together a strategy to beat their 

3. Nicole Wilde plays a tough defense against Plymouth North. 

4. Carrie Simmons concentrates on making a big plav. 

5. Jen Welch picks herself up off the court. 
6. Kim Morast uses the "no-look" pass. 



7. The 2001-2001 B-R Girls Basketball 
Team (Allison Howe, Meagan Driscoll, 
Ashley Abrahamson, Emily Arrighi, 
Amanda Barkes, Jen Welch, Nicole Wilde, 
Danielle Heckbert, Kim Morast, Monica 
Silva, and Carrie Simmons). 

8. Coach Cuniff and the team keep their 
heads in the game. 

9. Meagan Driscoll executes an easy 

10. Showing good form, Kim Morast tries 
to sink her shot at the foul line. 

11. Showing her defensive side of the 
game, Meagan Driscoll lunges at her op- 

12. Kim Morast goes up for a left-handed 

13. Monica Silva takes the ball up the 

14. Meagan Driscoll shoots a perfect three 

15. Kim Morast practices a drill during 
warm ups. 

16. Nicole Wilde carries the ball up the 

Ice Hockey 

The 2001-2002 B-R Ice Hockey team had a year of 
improvement. Senior captains C.J. Pennington and 
Craig Murray led the underclassmen team to a 
season of five wins, thirteen losses, and two ties. In 
the Old Colonty League, they earned a record of five 
wins, eight losses and one tie. With a team this year 
consisting mainly of underclassmen, great things are 
expected next season from the now experienced 

1 . The 2001-2002 B-R Hockey Team celebrates their 
huge victory. 

2. Craig Murray carries the puck across the ice. 

3. Coach Jones and Coach Patrick look on from the 
bench as B-R goes for another goal. 

4. Greg Hartford fights for the puck. 

5. The Trojans defense protects the goalie, C.J. 
Pennington, while Silver Lake travels down the ice. 

6. John Foster speeds toward the goal on a 


^'i 4 y 



The girls' gymnastics team had a notable season. Captains 
Staci Durso and Becky Kennedy pulled the team together and 
finished a respectable third place in the Old Colony League. 
With a roster consisting mainly of underclassmen, their talent 
will rise to new levels with next year's team. 

1. The 2001-2002 B-R Gymnastics Team: (Top: A. Smith, K. 
Harrington, S. Durso, B. Kennedy, L. Dalhbourg, S. Myers 
Bottom: L. Chandler, L. Pincolini, M. Shunstrom, J. Dilido, K. 
Hiltz, A. Ross, Coach O'Leary) 

2. Staci Durso practices her dismount on the uneven bars. 

3. Coach O'Leary tries to motivate his gymnasts. 

4. Meredith Shunstrom shows skill on the balance beam. 

5. Becky Kennedy executes a near perfect dismount off the 


Boys' Tennis 

The Boys' Tennis team had a remarkable season. They 
won the OCL title for the fifth straight season. With 
the leadership of seniors Evan Melford, Matt Black, 
Greg Dillon, Brendan Casey, Steve Durso and Dave 
Stelmach, the boys team ended the season with a near 
flawless record of 18- 2. 

1. The Boys' Tennis team gets together before a big match. 

2. Chris Klump racks up the games as his opponent is being shut out. 

3. Aaron Souto serves an overhand slam at his opponent. 

4. Doubles team: Dan Clark and Mike Driscol come to the net to meet 
their opponents. 

5. U. D. Nwosu, Adam Lavoy, Evan Melford, Mike Dobson, Chris 
Klump, Matt Black, Dan Clark, Mike Driscol, Greg Dillon, Brendan 
Casey, Coach Pimental, Sumon Roi, Steve Durso, Dave Stelmach, 
Matt Johnson, Arron Souto, and Cormac Rashada. 

6. Dan Clark rears back and smashes a winner for the match point. 

7. Adam Lavoie with a killer drop shot as his teammate waits for his 

8. Sumon Roi gets confused as two balls bombard him. 

9. The ball comes quickly, but Adam Lavoi reaches out his arm to 
save the point. 

tSfe I Is ^ 

mMmmM ML ,fl^ 

X^,K v W^/v. WW^ ^JIH^^^^^ 



I i 

m™ 4 





The 2001 Girls' Tennis team finished the season with an 
impressive 13-3 record emerging as the 2001 OCL Champi- 
ons. In the state tournament, the B-R girls made it to the 2nd 
round. In addition to the guidance of Coach Mastria and 
leadership of captain Sue Noblin, there were three all-star 
players leading the squad: Carrie Simmons, Danielle Jones 
and Kristen Simmons. Even though the team has lost three 
starters, Coach Mastria still has high expectations for the 
team. He is hopeful that the team will reach the OCL 
Championships once again. Considering Coach Mastria's 
second year with the squad, he has grown as a coach and 
come to know the girls for their unique talents and abilities. 
We are 100% behind the girls for the oncoming year. 

1 Coach Mastria, and Megan Jones prepare Carrie Simmons for a big match. 

2. Megan Jones is quite confused as to where the ball might be. 

3. Annie Bruckman warms up before her match. 

4. Sarah Solomon lunges for the ball. 

5. Capt. Sue Noblin, Carrie Simmons, Danielle Jones, Megan Jones, Kate 
O'leary, Annie Bruckman, Nicole Pincollini, Coach Mastria, Bottom left- 
Kristen Simmons, Ellen Sanderson, Sarah Solomon, Erin Nelson, Kara 
Silvia, Elise Melford, Mary Condon. 

6. Danielle Jones and Erin Nelson shake the hands of their opponents. 

7. Mary Condon winds up for her winning shot. 

8. Eagerly waiting, Kara Silvia watches for her opponents next mo\ e. 

9. Kate O'Learv takes a dive for the ball. 

B-R Baseball crusaded through the OCL to secure a 
7-7 record. Led by captains Mike McGoogan, Craig 
Audette, and Ryan Schleicher, the team upheld the 
baseball tradition of honor and sportsmanship. Fall- 
ing short of the state tournament by one game, the 
Trojans are anticipating success in the coming year. 

1. Richie Florence rounds second base with the intent of sliding into 

2. Lett fielder, Andrew Merriam, throws the ball infield after making a 
great catch. 

3. Interested teammates watch closely as one of the Trojans goes up to 

4. Ian Delahanty congratulates team member Craig Audette after 
scoring another run. 

5. The Boys Baseball Team: Ryan Gardiner, Ryan Post, Ian Delahanty, 
Richie Florence, Steve Landry, Mike Andrews, Matt Lyford, Andrew 
Merriam, Ryan Schleicker, Bob Sharland, Andrew Hamilton, Steve 
Thetonia, Tony Barrett, Nick Silvia, Bob Maddock, Craig Audette, Mike 
Magoogan, Brett Wright, Shawn Brown, Brian Sawyer, Jeff Tripp, and 
Coach Kearney. 

6. Ian Delahanty takes a huge stride before releasing his intense fastball. 

7. Aggressive at the plate, Ryan Post slugs one into left field. 

8. Ryan Post trys to catch his opponent off the bag. 





crVSV^i ^7 

1 ■ |^ >tt f 



- ^ 

Girls' Softball 

The Girls' Softball Team showed incredible dedication and talent 
this year. With captains Chrissy Hall and Kerri Jacques, the Trojans 
finished second in the OCL. They put together an impressive 12-2 
record that earned them respect throughout the league. The Trojans 
softball team is expecting another victorious season in 2002. 

l.The Trojans softball team: R. Ladd, C. Hall, K. O'Brien, K. Jacques, 
K. Parlow, J. Innocenzi, N. Crimmins, S. Berard, M. Cabral, J. Lyford, 
A. Gonzalves, M. Feely, J. Julius. 

2. Staci Berard throws a mean curve ball. 

3. Julie Innocenzi gives it everything shes has to make the stop. 

4. Joining forces, the team backs each other up. 

5. Center fielder, Alishia Gonsalves, throws the ball to waiting Julie 

6. Julie Innocenzi looks for the double play, after tagging the Taunton 

7. Shortstop, Julie Innocenzi, shows that she can play both sides of the 

Boys' Spring Track 

The Boys Spring Track Team had a sucessf ul season. 
Ending 6-2, the Trojans only missed the league title by 
one loss to Barnstable. Under the guidance of Coach 
Urban, the boys went on to victory's against all other 
league opponents. 

1. Jeff McGovern, Dan Roland and Alec Tolivaisa wait for the blast of the 

2. Steve Doherty watches the flight of a javelin. 

3. C. Murray races for the finish line. 

4. Top: T. Derbyshire, M. Spagone, M. Delgado, A. Jafeev, M. Beane, A. 
Cook, K. Nickelson, A. Harrington, M. Lopp, R. Ricciardi, R. Mullet, G. 
Churchill, S. Doherty, A. Grant, M. Resmini, L. Beane, S. Nesrella, T. 
Atha, G. Hartford, C. Bern ie, R. Sanderson, A. Tolivaisa, T. Chiappini, 
C. Duerdon, J. Freyermouth, P. Balboni, P. Allen, C. Cooper, Middle: B. 
Bresner, J. Carr, J. Vitrano. J. Marcotte, N. Tate, J. David, R. Smith, A. 
Nevvbie, W. Morey, L. Smith, B. Champagne, J. McGovern, A. Parenteau; 
Bottom: S. Churchill, T. Higginbotham, M Battastini, D. O'Connel, K. 
Berguist, D. Roland, J. Texeira, M. Haggerty, C. Kolensas, F. Pacheco, K. 

5. Bobby Smith clears the bar. 

6. Luther Smith makes a rough landing 

7. Sean Churchill clears a hurdle. 

8. Will Morey lands hard in the sand 

9 Todd Derbyshire hurls the shotput while teammates Chris Kolensas 
and Alec Tolivaisa watch. 


The Girls' Spring Track Team had an all-star season. The hurdle team 
finished sixth in the state. They were also invited to the state relay. Their 
hardwork paid off! With team leadership from captains Jessica Rawlins, 
Kate Delgado, and Jill Buckley, the Trojans were unstopable. 

1. J. Zolga, S, Barros, B. Striggles, J. Justice, L. Winsor, K Pacheco, J. Buckley, A. Paul. P. 
Carbon, K. Delgado, L. Sullivan, K. Graham, E. Rothman, A. Ossai, D. Bentley, G. Riccardi, 
K. Francoer, K. Harrington, K. Taxiera, C. Welch, B. Guarino, M. Lavvton, K. Silvia, J. 
Measor., L. Veraka, L. Francey, K. O'Donell, C. Dorris, K. Hilt/, R. Bradshaw, I. Ford, K. 
Daniels, A. Freyermuth, K. Whittington, S. Gambil, S. McElroy, C. Smith, M. Riortoci, M 
Hess, L. Lassard, H. Blanchard, K. Ellis, S. Myers, K. Beila, A. Slavin, A. Edson, L. Yafrate, 
K. Mont, J. McC.rath, E. Winsor, J. Murphey, K. White 

2. Ryanne Bradshaw gains a slight edge in the relay. 

3. Lauren Veracka leaps into the third jump of the triple jump. 

4. Kylie Biela runs her hardest with a grimace of determination on her tact-. 

5. In a tight race, Sara McElroy displays perfect form to sprint to victory. 

6. Molly Lavvton strides in front of teammate Briane Striggles. 

7. Kylie Biela catches her breath as Coach Delgado gives her some advice. 


Led by captains, Lee Beane, Rob Leroux, and Ryan 
Gracia, the B-R Wrestling Team had a sucessfull year. 
The Trojans ended the season with nineteen wins and 
only five loses. They had four wins and one loss in the 
Old Colony League meets. The B-R Wrestling team also 
made the school proud by winning the Marshfield 
Tournament, and coming in third place in the South 
Sectional Tournament. The team has worked very hard 
this season, not only at meets, but also during the 
grueling practices. 

1. Lee Beane displays his massive strength as he chokes an opponent. 

2. Rob Leroux skillfully stays above his opponents. 

3. Tom Hennessey tries to turn over his rival for the pin. 

4. John Freyermuth shows the opposer how the mat tastes! 

5. Tom Hennesey, Billy Mills, Mike Zella, Rob Leroux, Lee Beane, John 
Freyermuth, Ryan Gracia, Alec Tolavaisa, Chris Arigghi, Matt Burke, 
Paul Jenkins, Curtis Harrington, Jon O'Brien, Ian Penn, Ben Katz, Andy 
Aiello, Nick Spencer, Tony Leone, Jon Sibya, Jim Freyermuth, Kevin 
Beaudoin, Collen Welch, Ryan White, Steve Sesin, Alex Shea, Dave 
Kingsley, Neal Mazzoleni, Daniel Hogg, Dave Lawrence, Caset Cobbett, 
Dave Albert, and Andy Hauck. 

6. Billy Mills hops victoriously off the mat after a win. 


Ski Club 

1. The 2001- 2002 Ski Club (1st row: J. Dooley, C. Duerden, C. 
Benvie, S. Finn, A. Maden, T. Holt, M. Lafrance, S. Kelleher, M. 
Jones. 2nd row: T. Pearson, S. Soloman, C. Maulioux, J. 
Calderone, W. Hall, V. Maxson, D. Duval, I. Crotty. R. Estes. 3rd 
row: Ms. Holt, S. Churchill, C. Kolensas, J. Fix, T. Chaipinni, J. Zall, 
N. Giordano, D. Lucchetti, J. Ramadan. 4th row: A. Egger, B. 
Cunha, M. Vachon, A. Johnston, J. Zolga, A. Wright, T. Wholley, M. 
Cayer, B. Springer, K. Brown.) 

2. Ms. Holt and Mr. Heaslip enjoy the view from the summit. 

3. Meg Cayer, Meg Jones. Tricia Wholley and Annie Bruckman pose 
for a picture in front of the ski club bus. 

4. Lasheena Barbosa shows off her new snowboard. 

5. Jamie Clark and Ashley Johnston make their way up to the lodge 
at Waterville Valley. 

6. The ski club stops for a group picture in front of Cannon Moun- 

7. Matt Shaw, Johanna Doulette and Curtis Davidson take a break 

halfway down the trail. 

Extracu rriculars 

The clubs and activities at B-R are purely 
elective, and in that spirit, provide students the 
with opportunities beyond the classroom. The 
scientists and engineers of the future can be seen 
today in TJ2 and Science Olympiad. 
Tomorrow's professional musicians hone their 
skills in our tremendous band and chorus pro- 
grams. Those inclined to debate and policy can 
be found in Modern World Affairs Club or the 
Mock Trial Group. Whatever the niche, B-R has 
provided us the activity. From Ski Club and 
Future Teachers of America to Drama and For- 
eign Language, it has been these extra 
curriculars that have helped define us better as 
unique individuals. 

1. Danica Copeland and Michelle Almada keep 
themselves warm on the slopes. 

2. The TJ2 team prepares for their competition. 

3. Laura Ford, Anne Bruckman, Keri Dufault and 
Amy Freyermuth hug each other to keep warm 
during a snow storm. 

4. Modern World Affairs chaperone, Mr. Powers, 
calls for a waiter. 

5. The MWA Club poses for a picture during 
their Washington, D. C. trip. 

6. Nina Martelli, Mr. Sylvia, Laura Ford and 
Heather Whitty walk through the gardens in 
Washington, D. C. 

7. Scott Curley pushes himself to the limit in the 
Weight Room. 

8. Brendan O'Brien ponders life with Jill Asack. 

9. Joanna Doulette, Curtis Davidson, Matt Shaw 
and Ashley Carson stop to enjoy the view at the 

1. Rebekah Hunt prepares herself 

For months the cast and crew of the B-R 

for rehearsal. 

Drama Club worked hard to bring to the 

2. Matt Furtado and John Dooley 

stage the classic musical "Guys & Dolls." 

belt out a tune. 

The Raynwater Players are the students, 

3. Nathan Conrad displays his 

faculty, and other helpers who contribute 

acting talent. 

to the production of our school musical 

4. Michael Morlani enjoys the 

year after year. Directed by teacher Lisa 


White, "Guys & Dolls" went off without a 

5. The male cast members focus 


all their attention on Matt 



6. The entire cast closes the 
play with a final pose. 

7. Matt Furtado breaks some 
bad news to John Dooley. 

8. The girls perform an im- 
pressive dance scene. 

9. Aimee Ayers, Brendan 
O'Brien, and Emily 
Goodreau share a serious 
moment on stage. 

10. Lia Macrina takes center 
stage, while other members 
provide some scenery. 


Marching Band 

This year's Marching Band was led by Drum Major Matt Shaw under 
the supervision of Mr. Gary Hyman. Each week during football season, the 
members of the band entertain fans not only during halftime performances, 
but also during the entire game by playing music and helping to lead in 
cheers. They concluded their season with a spectacular half time perfor- 
mance at Nickerson Field during the Superbowl. 

1. Pat Lee and Jon Wilson keep the beat. 

2. Brian Praino, Pat Lee, and Jon Wilson holding up the percussion section. 

3. The marching band in procession during half time. 

4. Amie Bettencourt twirls her flag. 


5. Mark Amaral and Brian 
Reid march, while playing 
the bass drum, 

6. The color guard leads 
the band onto the field. 

7. The marching band 
moving in perfect unison. 

8. Bernie Cobb blows his 

9. Brian Sharland leads the 
color guard in a clap while 
in the stands during a 

10. Omar Zeid is jamming 
out on the guitar one of his 
many musical talents. 

11. The horn section does 
their part. 


Color Guard 

To be a member of the B-R Color Guard Squad, you must have dedication. 
This year we have seen spectacular shows put on by the Color Guard that they 
practiced over and over to perfect. They practice continuously throughout the 
season to entertain the fans on game day. These students bring school spirit 
and talent to B-R. 

1. The color guard squad swings into action during half-time. 

2. The squad shows off synchronized kicks. 

3. Andrea Thompson and Krista Smith lead the squad in perfect unison. 

4. Lizzie Burt holds her flag high. 

5. Andrea Thompson focuses hard on her performance. 


Weight Room 

At Bridgewater-Raynham's weight room all are 
welcome. The dedicated Mr. Lennon helps young men 
and women help themselves, while having a good time 
in the process. From outside the entrance, the weight 
room is a place of blasting classic rock tunes, clanging 
weights and hearty laughs, but inside lies much more. 

Inside one can see the fruits of hard work, dedication 
and perseverance. Students work to improve their 
strength, agility, muscle tone, and stamm. Those more 
experienced students further their knowledge to 
underclassmen, showing exercise technique and form. 
The weight room is a place of serious hard work, 
memories, laughs and friendships. 

1. Dillon McGovern dead-lifts on the platform. 

2. Senior, Lou D'Amarino keeps an eye out for Danny 

Lopes during a his set of squats 

3. Chris Begley finishes up a set of lat-pulldowns. 

4. Mr. Lennon bench-presses a full set of 315 lbs. as Dillon 
McGovern keeps an eye out. 

5. Nick Bulgaris pumps out some dumbel prbeslses. 

6. Matt Munise S showsat to stay in Mr. Lennon's 
weightroom you have to have fun! 

7. Dean Gasconi squats confidently with perfect form as 
Collin Florence gives a spot. 

8. The athletes of B-R's weightroom: Collin Florence, Sage 
Adkisson, Nick Bulgaris, Lou D'Amarino, Kyle Dooley, 
Danielle Dross, Marisa Otezmaro, Dan Lopes, Eric Linehan, 
Dean Gasconi, James Lawrence, Gavin Kilea, Jeff Nelson, 
Greg Feroli, John Bascon, Udoka Nwosu, Sean Gilreane, Pete 
Moynihan, Mr. Lennon, Tom Greco, Steve Nelson, Chris 
Begley, Dillon McGovern. 


Science Olympiad 

The 2001-2002 Science Olympiad season was led by advisor Mrs. Patricia Anania, President 
Kathy Hill, Secretary John Reckord, and Treasurer Mike Greely, the team has had an eventful year. 
With a growing number of new members, they have made friends and enjoyed the team spirit, 
which allowed them to win many medals. 

Their first fundraiser, a bake sale at parent/teacher conference was a big success. The Bowl-a- 
Thon was an even bigger success. Every year, the team looks forward to the state competition at 
Framingham State College. 

1. The Science Olympiad team: (Front Row: Jon O'Brien. Laura Guilfoy, John Reckord, Kathy Hill, 
Mike Spagone, and Steve Praino; Center Row: Jeff Mallet, Brian Praino, Staisy Kibard, Jill Peterson, 
Diana Smith, and Jess Donovan; Back Row: Mrs. Anania, Danika Erikson, Mike Pistone, Jamie 
Johnston, and Alex Shea). 

2. Mike Greely and Mike Spagone compete with their Boomilever. 



In our seventh year of team TJ2 (Trojans Johnson & Johnson), B-R students, 
under the direction of Mrs. Calef and seven other outstanding teachers, collabo- 
rated with team alumni, parents and engineers from a Johnson & Johnson Com- 
pany in the nationwide FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and 
Technology) program to build an annual robot and compete. The team prepares 
all year for the competitions, whether it be by tie-dying shirts with Mr. Phanuef, 
writing the bimonthly newsletter, making our Chairman's Award submission, 
updating our web page, making a 3-D computer animation, managing adminis- 
trative functions with Mr. Folan, or constructing the robot with Mr. Morrison. 
This year, 50 students have taken part in the team and from their dedication, we 
had an outstanding machine and even better, a great time. 


1. Showing a variety of tie dye out- 
fits, Mr. Phaneuf hollers chants. 

2. The TJ2 team poses for a picture. 

3. In Epcot the TJ2 robot tries to ac- 
complish its task. 

4. Mrs. Hall, Andrew Carson, and 
Mrs. Calef cheer on the team. 

5. TJ2 shows support in the stands. 

6. The banner is displayed in true 

7. The machine constructed by TJ2. 

8. Andrew Carson and Todd 
Derbyshire pose for a photo. 

9. Technicians for Johnson and 
Johnson pose for a picture. 


Damn Yankees 

In Bridgewater Raynham's tradition of spring musicals, "Damn Yankees" has been brought to our 
stage. The play starts off with an upsetting loss by middle aged Joe Boyd's (Erik Edson), favorite team, 
the Washington Senators. In a moment of weakness while sitting on his front porch, the devil, known 
as Mr. Applegate (C.J. Pennington), offers him the chance to save his team in exchange for his soul. 
After singing "Goodbye Old Girl" to his wife (Catherine Hathaway), Joe Boyd transforms into the 
young baseball star, Joe Hardy (John Dooley). 

With help from his coach (Matt Furtado) and his fumbling teammates (Nathan Conrad, Mark 
LaFrance and Jesse Witcher), the team is pulled out of its losing streak. As the team begins to win, 
Applegates ploy to steal Joe's soul is aided by his seductive homewrecker, Lola (Emily Goodreau). All 
is going well until accusations are made against Joe by Gloria Thorpe (Jess Phaneuf), a nosey sports 
reporter, threaten to ruin their shot at being heroes. 

1. The exhausted cast of "Damn Yankees" relaxes after rehearsal. 

2. Jess Phaneuf is surrounded by fans during "shoeless Joe from Hannibal Mo." 

3. Kate Roza and Nicole Price calmly rehearse lines with each other. 

4. Joe Cannon really gives us something to think about. 




Student Government 

Senior Class Officers 

Molly Lawton, John Carr, 
Laura Ford, Andrew 
Merriam, Mr. Sylvia 

Junior Class Officers 

Matt Peabody, Sarah 
McElroy, Mrs. Norman, 
Kyla Harrington, Kylie 
Beila, Mrs. Murdoch 


Sophomore Class Officers 

Meg Driscol, Lauren 
Veracka, Jill McGrath, 
Ryan Beaudoin, Mr. 



Student Government 

Freshman Class Officers 

Matt Devon, Leslie 
Chandler, Pat 
Eagan, Ian Crotty 

Student Council 

Jill Asack, Liz Luchetti, 
Molly Lawton, Nina 
Martelli, Jess Fix, Tom 
Higginbotham, Mr 
Lindskog, Sophia Myers, 
Kylie Biela, Chris Arrighi, 
Meg Driscol, Sarah 
McElroy, Laura Dempsey 



John Dooley, Pat Lee, Erik Edson, Jackson Tarr, John Wilson, Marc 
Lafrance, Evan Biela, Jesse Witcher, Eric Demazio, Steve Nelson, Jeff 
Nelson, Mike Pistone, Carol Dunnam, Josh Mcgee, Tiago Mota, Stweart 
MacArthur, Staci Kibert 

Omar Zeid, Mrs. Blocker,Robyn Morse, Shannon Halvchy, 
Leigh Delahante, Jon Espazito 



Rowl: L.Donovan, V .Shore, M.Shaw, L.Lortie, Mr. Hyman. Row2: M.Powell, C.C. Curie, K.Smith, L.Guilfoy, 
A.Thompson, A.Jeanette, K.Whittaker, C.Shanke, C.Sharland, A.Meary. Row3: M.Magill, T.Holt, L.Burt, 
E.Colburn, T.Masselli, O.Zeid, A.Stoughton. Row4: M.Byam, K.Punham, M.Reardon, J.Chafee, C.Forebush, 
A.Bagus, A.Ellis, L.Dimrzio, A.Bettencourt. Row5: J.Lovell, J.Magee, T.Mota, K. McCarthy, R.Riley, J.Lawrence, 
M.Vachon. Row6: K.McMullin, M.Morlani, K.Bergquist, P.Zeller, J.Munise, N.Seale, J.Bragg, S.Nelson. Row7: 
M.LaFrance, N.Tate, J.Mallett, J.Witcher, E.Biela, K.Dunham, B.Sharland, M.Pistone, E.DiMarizio. Row8: D.Spear, 
T.Murphy, J.Acone, M.Mahoney, J.Nelson, J.McBride, C.Frankur, M.Kellog, S.Kibart. Row9: M.Wood, J.Wilson, 
P.Lee, K.Murphy, S.Muligan, M.Hardy, S.Tarr, J.DiBenneditto, M.Ryan, K.Feeley, S.Adkisson, J.Randall. 


^H^EA M ^ m. 



'J'M J* Z 


^m« * *^B jy " ^^V 
m ^1 ^B JLL 

W^UV* ft 

- ■ 1 

Rowl: K.Sypher, S.Heavey, L.Dorherty, E.Kelleher, M.Tuttle, J.McBride, P.Lee, J.B.Hughes, D.Biaz, 
M.Blanchard, Mrs. Judith Niles. Row2: T.Reis, N.Boaer, A.Collins, L.Moberg, J.Wood, R.Riley, 
E.Edson, J.Lima, M.Rebelo, A.Davidson, A.Bettencourt.Row3: L.Avalar, L.Burt, E.Goudreau, 
K.Chappel, A.Curtis, J. Dooley, O.Zeid, J.Witcher, R.Hunt, J. Phaneuf. Row4: B.Kinan, A.Lindsay, 
S.Pilotte, D.Prescott, C.O'Leary, M.Ortiz-Merrill, K.Bailey, T.Sly. Row5: Mr.Hyman, Z.Furtado, 
A.Doucette, K.Hill, K.Roza, R.Mendorra, M.Condon, K.Reid, C.Heavey, M.Smith. 


Bryan Sharland, Omar Zeid, Leigh Delahanty, Katherine 
Hathaway, Kate Roza, Drew Kerrigan, Colleen Martinez, Kathy 
Hill, Joe McBride, Mrs. Mcguire 

Caroline Mailloux, Stephany Heavey, Lauren Perry, Charleen 
Christofi, Katharine Hill, Mr. Capen, Heather Feldman, Brigid 
Dailey, Jen Calderone 


Lynda Shaw, Nina Martelli, Marisa Prisco, Lauren Mader, Eric Warner, 
Dan Pickett, Rory Modica, Mike Veracka, Meg Tangaro, Tricia Wholley, 
Rob Ferris, Christine Canzano, Mrs. Mcguire, Marc Freitas, Sara DeLeo, 
Nicole Butts, Jeff Weeks, Matt Roland, Nathan Conrad, John Dooley, 
Amanda Hall, Rachel Forman, Katrina LaCasse 

Sherry Saunders, Vanessa Carney, Brian Whittington, Wendy Proctor, 
Nikki Price, Tanya Smith, Bryan Sharland, Nikki Dicho, Jen Zall, 
Danielle Hannemann, Kafe Roza, Lauren DiMarzio, Serene Fraihat, 
Drew Kerrigan, Cathy Hill, Mrs. Brown, Rachel Dacey, Leisel 
Schwenzfeier, Caitlin Brides, Andrea Hubacheck, Reema Zaiter 


Kate Daniels, John Carr, Nina Martelli, Mr.Silvia, Jill Asack, Amy Freyermouth, 
Laura Ford, Heather Whitty, Molly Lawton, Ashley Slaven, Ashley Slater, Sarah 
McElroy, Heather Blanchard, Lauren Francy, Bethany Marion, Emily Winsor, 
Brendan Elliot, Kerry Whittaker, Tracy Moore, Keith Nicholson, Laura Yafrate, 
Dean Guasconi, Kyle McCarthy, Chris Joyce, Dustin Crossman, Matt Benvie, 
Cassie Whooley, Meghan Driscol 

Ashley Carson, Kate Larson, Brendan O'Brien, Laura Miller, Cathy Silva, Lauren Maxwell, Carrie Simmons, Jeff 
Morin, Molly Lawton, Jess Fix, Craig Murray, Kevin McAuliffe, Andrew Merriam, Dan Pickett, Mike Veracka, 
Kate Daniels, Dan Clark, Mark Frietas, Jon Neil. Steve Dohertv, John Marcot, Brian Swanson, Mrs. Calef, Jeff 
Mallet, Staci James, Kara Silvia, Michelle Almada, Richie Florence, Ian Delahante, Sean Jones, Justin Covonlu, 
Jen lamele, Omar Zeid, Erik Edson, Allv Erbeck, Nicole Pincolini, Laurie Demour, Megan Cayar, Megan 
Connerty, Amy Freyermouth, Ally Wright, Mike Moran. Andy Jaffe, Matt Furtado, Meg Jones, Anne Bruckman 
Erin Morin, Lauren Mader, Erin Nelson. Rachel Blanchette, Matt Shaw, Joanna Douillette, Meg Cole. Lauren 
Bechtel, Kacie Lamontagne. Andrea Stoughton 


Jessica Donovan, Allison Fager, Staci Kibart, Brendan Coona, Cathy Hall, Ashley 
Waterman, Mrs. Holt, Mr. Porter, Amanda, Nicole Beavis, Jill Peterson, Cassie 
Ellis, Lee Beane, Chris Hamilton, Tim Chiapini, Radha Sinha, Lauren Anducci, 
Elizabeth Donovan, Sara Salamon, Nicole Glenn, Caroline Mailloux, Holly 
Smith, Jen Calderone, Nicole Price, Heather Feldman, Jen Smith, Victoria Bazzik, 
Jen Smith, Matt Federico, Sean Finn, Tim Holt, Elizabeth Colburn, Josh Webber 

Mrs. Holt, Shawn Churchill, Jen Lyford, Sara Deleo, Jon O'Brien, Andy 
Iello, Ms. Brown, Nicole Price, Caroline Mailloux, Jen Calderone, 
Melanie Byam, Danielle Laude, Chris Joyce, Bethany Marion, Chris 
Silva, John Stairs, Shawn Fin, Andy Madden, Brian Charlon, Mary 
Chambers, Staci Kibart 



Danika Erikson, Drew Kerrigan, Adam Smith, Bryan 
Sharland, Ashley McGrath, Kate Roza, Mrs. Brown 

Lynda Shaw, Rob Ferris, Matt Roland, Kate Roza, Ms. 
McGuire, Megan Tangaro, John Dooley, Nathan Conrad, Jeff 


Sherrie Saunders, Vanessa Carney, Mr. Diaz, Stephanie St. Martin, Caroline Mailloux, 
Rahda Sinha, Kaitlyn Chapel, Ryanne Bradshaw, Brigid Dailey, Kim Nehiley, Kristen 
O'Donell, Lauren Veracka, Keri Whittaker, Ashley Slavin, Allison Janette, Jen 
Korzeniowski, Rebecca Kennedy, Emily Goudreau, Amanda Filapeck, Rachel Gorman, 
Alex Moberg, Heather Feldman, Jen Smith, Sarah Salomon, Bethany Marion, Tracy 
Moore, Lauren Francey, Clint Cooper, Mark Brezinski 

Sumon Roy, Steve Nelson, Jeff Nelson, Alec Tolivasa, Andrew Grant, 
Kia Powell, Krista Smith, Sarah Solomon, Meagan Blanchard, Mr. 
Cox, Omar Zeid, Kate Larson, Cathy Silva, Matt Shaw 


Transfering pen and paper to the digital screen, creating a scholastic yearbook or 
newspaper in the year 2002 was an enriching and enjoyable process. Somehow, 
deadlines were reached despite the occassional hiccups of missed deadlines, crashed 
computers and unreadable disks. The school publications came through to provide a 
means to remember all the activities, athletics, academics, and moments of B-R. In 
addition to this, publications kept us all up to date on the latest events at the Re- 
gional with our weekly calendar and school newspaper. Our hard-working students 
captured and put to use the skills necessary to make these things possible, from 
yearbook editors Lauren Mader, Dan Pickett, Marisa Prisco, and Eric Warner and 
their faithful staff, to weekly calendar correspondents Christine Canzano and Stacey 
Stankiewicz. Also, our newspaper editor Rob Ferris worked with his staff, which 
was headed by John Dooley, Matt Roland and Nathan Conrad and other writers to 
produce the Regional Sound. 

After it all, the 2002 B-R publications were a success with the invaluable guidance 
of teacher and advisor Ms. Diane McGuire. Thanks to the hard- work of the team, the 
memories of B-R will be immortalized in this book. 


1. Rob Ferris looks on as Matt 
Roland and John Dooley plug 
away at the B-R Newspaper. 

2. Tricia Wholley and Marisa 
Prisco laugh at senior mes- 

3. Dan Pickett, Marisa Prisco, 
Eric Warner and Lauren 
Mader work together to get 
things done! 

4. Nina Martelli enjoys work- 
ing on the yearbook a little 
more than Rory Modica. 

5. John Dooley, Nathan 
Conrad and Rob Ferris brain- 
storm some ideas for possible 

6. Marisa Prisco's words are 
on the tip of her tongue, but 
Lauren Mader doesn't know 
what she's talking about! 

7. Ms McGuire and Matt 
Roland concentrate on making 
the deadline. 

8. Left to right: Leigh 
Delehanty, Caitlyn Jahnke, 
Kate Roza, Bryan Sharland, 
Matt Kellogg, Meredith 
Kellogg, Tim Tilbe, Mark 
Lyman, Adam Smith. 




Title Page 1 

Student Life 2-3 

Younger Years 4-5 

Friendship 6-7 

Bleacher Picture 8-9 

Special Moments 10-11 

Classroom 12-13 

Sportsmanship 14-15 

Activities 16 

Dedication 17 

Faculty Divider 18-19 

Faculty Portraits 20-29 

Senior Divide 30-31 

Senior Portraits 32-75 

Collage 76-77 

From Our View 78-79 

Baby Pictures 80-85 

9/11 Attack 86-87 

Junior Prom 88-89 

Semi-Formal 90-91 

Senior Holiday Party 92-93 

Pep Rally 94-95 

Super Bowl 96-97 

Underclassman Div 98-99 

Freshman Portraits 100-1 1 1 

Sophomore Portraits 112-123 

Junior Portraits 124-133 

More Memories 134-135 

Sports Divider 136-137 

Football 138-139 

Field Hockey 140-141 

Boys Soccer 142 

Girls Soccer 143 

Boys Cross Country 144 

Girls Cross Country 145 

Golf 146 

Volleyball 147 

Cheerleading 148-149 

Boys Winter Track 150 

Girls Winter Track 151 

Boys Basketball 152-153 

Girls Basketball 154-155 

Ice Hockey 156 

Gymnastics 157 

Boys Tennis 158 

Girls Tennis 159 

Baseball 160 

Softball 161 

Boys Spring Track 162 

Girls Spring Track 163 

Wrestling 164 

Ski Club 165 

Extracurricular Div 166-167 

Guys and Dolls 168-169 

Marching Band 170-171 

Color Guard 172 

Weight Room 173 

Science Olympiad 174-175 

TJ2 176-177 

Damn Yankees 178 

Memories 179 

Clubs 180-189 

Publications 190-191 


1 1 1 

I* -Jl 

fit .. •• • I '<